One month closed for stealing a bottle of perfume for 55 euros in Monaco

When the defendant was summoned by the bailiff to appear in the criminal court, no one approached the bar. However, the 20-year-old Romanian citizen had to answer to this audience for stealing a 35 ml bottle of Chanel on June 1 from the Paris 8 Haute Parfumerie boutique, which borders Monte Carle’s Avenue Princesse Alice. . This is a robbery of secondary importance for the announcement of the damages suffered by the plaintiff and is indicated by President Jérôme Fougères Lavernjole.

: 55.40 euros!

But there are so many such repetitions of theft in the Principality in the trade of fashionable goods that the magistrates decided to sentence him to one month’s imprisonment in order to appease the kleptomania of this young man without a profession. Not a very talkative person during detention! And rather, there is a tendency to denial.

Photos taken in support of the denunciation

“During the interrogation, the president stressed, this complex character could not explain the reasons for his stay in Monaco. He admitted to going to a perfume shop, but swore that the perfume bottle was bought with his own money. However, the victim claims otherwise. Alerted by a man with strange behavior, she took photographs confirming her denunciation. »

On the other hand, the police found 1.77 grams of cannabis resin in the young Romanian’s pockets. When asked about the origin of the poisonous substance, he said that he could not answer anything about the use of drugs. “It was personal…”

Looking through the dossier, the judge found no mention of his criminal past. However, in his brief demands, Deputy Emmanuel Carniello noted that the defendant was known in France.

“Monsieur distinguished himself in Lyon for shoplifting in May 2022. Therefore, this man came to the Principality to steal! You will sentence him to one month in prison! »

After consulting, the court followed the requirements of the prosecutor.

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