One Piece Odyssey Unveils Its Impressive Combat System (Video) – Le Mag Jeux High-Tech

The video game One Piece Odyssey, expected on January 13 on PC, Xbox Series, PS4 and Playstation 5, gives us new information and, in particular, about its combat system. So Bandai Namco is broadcasting a new video that tells us more about the gameplay of the software. Here are the media in question.

Also find an excerpt from the official press release below:

In this trailer, players will be able to discover easy-to-understand controls, 4 different combat zones on the battlefield, and their strategic use depending on each character involved in the battle. They will also be able to learn how to get bonuses to combat experience, allowing them to level up the character based on the player’s actions. ONE PIECE ODYSSEY offers a unique system that offers the addictive gameplay and twists that the ONE PIECE series can do!

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