One Piece Pirate Warriors 4, character improvement: how to win a maximum of berrys and recover all the pieces of the game?

Once the story mode is finished, your main objective in One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 is to find the best characters in the game (or your favorites) and improve them to the maximum to finish each mission available in grade S. And to do this, we will have to farm the rooms and the berrys. Here is our guide to optimize your farm in the best possible way!

As we told you in our general explanation of the latest Pirate Warriors game, there are two “resources” to spend on improving your characters: coins and berrys. Let’s start by talking about the parts.

There are 4 ways to get Coins:

  • For the three “basic” bronze pieces (the escargophone, the purse and the ring), it suffices to strike a maximum of enemy captains, no matter the mode and the mission.
  • For silver coins which represent a particular character, you must end an episode with the character of the part you are looking for asally or adversary. Again, no matter the mode.
  • For gold coins, you have to raise the crew level of a character. In short, you have to play with it many times and accomplish small exploits during your games such as controlling an area or eliminating powerful enemies for example. Note that some of the gold coins cannot be obtained that in a particular chapter History or Treasure mode.
  • Now remain platinum coins, much rarer. These are specific to Treasure mode. To win them, you will have to do specific missions, often very difficult. And even by completing these specific missions, you are sometimes not even guaranteed to get your platinum coin.

To improve a particular character, find the rarest coins he needs by examining in detail his improvement cards and do all the necessary missions, from the easiest to the most complicated. Your only real obstacle is the plate parts. All the others are fairly easily farmable by looping missions of medium difficulty with the right character.


The case of berrys is more interesting than that of coins. It took us many hours of in-game testing to find the most profitable tips. But before tackling them, note that there are two skills capable of increasing your earnings :

  • The first one is unlocked on card 1, common to all characters. It allows you to collect money from the corpses of your opponents.
  • The second is obtained on Nami’s map and allows you to increase your berrys gains at the end of the mission.

Find the most profitable mission

There too, two methods stand out. The first is to identify the conditions for obtaining an S grade on any of the last missions in the game, including in the New World Treasure mode (You can see the difficulty level of the missions at the bottom left of your screen. Aim for level 17 missions). If you’re having trouble getting this grade S, do not hesitate to consult our tips to win more often at the maximum difficulty level. This technique saves approximately 2.5 million berry per mission (or even more if you reach grade S online). But the problem is that this method takes a lot of time and that grade S is very difficult to obtain on the most complicated missions in the game. So we found something else.

Go to story mode and choose the 4th mission of the Arc Pays des Wa. Her name is “Fight on Onigashima! Two of the Four Emperors block the way“. The mission is very fast since it is a simple fight of Luffy and Kidd against Kaido and Big Mom. The grade S is easy to obtain: you just have to finish your fight in less than 5 minutes having struck down 1000 enemies. With training, you will get a yield of 1.5 million berry in 4 minutes or 20 million berry per hour. From everything we’ve tested, we haven’t found anything better. But don’t hesitate to share your Berry or Pieces tips in the comments!

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