ONE Pro 150 PSI Portable Tire Inflator

If you are looking for a small, compact, portable tire inflator, you should definitely try the ONE Pro, built by OAK & IRON engineers, as it comes with a unique digital display. 0150 psi system, 28″ air hose and real time pressure gauge. Launched on Kickstarter this month, the project has already raised over $150,000 thanks to more than 1,000 backers, with 43 days left to go.

Specially priced upfront contributions of approximately £99 to £82 (depending on current exchange rates) are currently available for the innovative project, offering a significant discount of approximately 33% off the retail price while crowdfunded on Kickstarter.

“Poorquality car accessories can give you a lot of trouble on the road. Anxiety brings negative experiences when it comes to problems with flat tires. OAK & IRON products are designed for safe and easy use by every car owner. The ONE series is the most advanced product series on the market, 3minute pumping with an advanced motor means the product is ready to quickly inflate your flat tire, as well as its digital screen that is easy to read and understand.”

portable tire inflation pump

portable tire inflation pump

If the ONE Pro campaign successfully raises the required target and execution runs smoothly, worldwide delivery is expected to take place sometime in September 2022. To learn more about the ONE Pro portable tire inflator project, watch the promotional video below.

“Are you worried that when you pull an electric tire inflator out of the trunk of your car during an emergency, it might have enough power to get the job done? OAK & IRON have your back. With a capacity of 10,400 mAh, it is 2 times more powerful than conventional electric tire inflators on the market. Can’t understand the steps of working with a product? OAK & IRON can help. With 3.2 inch super large screen, you can clearly see onscreen indicators such as car, motorcycle, bike, balloon and user mode. There’s also realtime information, including tire pressure and battery life.”

One Pro Portable Tire Inflator Comparison Chart

“OAK & IRON products are well designed with 12mm extra airspace, beefed up cooling fans and a well thought out heat dissipation system. You can drink without AC/DC cables, just connect the air hose to the tire and let OAK & IRON do the work for you. Conventional products usually come with air hoses less than 7 inches in diameter, which can cause a lot of noise when the product body hits the wheel hub. OAK & IRON offers two 28″ air hoses with pressfit and rollin features that make it easy to place ONE/ONE Pro on the floor, no matter how you park your car.”

For a complete list of all available upfront fees, additional targets, additional media and specifications for the Portable Tire Inflator, visit the official ONE Pro Crowdfunding Campaign page by clicking on the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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