One River CEO Confirms Launch of Crypto Bull Run

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Although the cryptocurrency market has been experiencing significant fluctuations lately, voices are being heard announcing the start of a new bull cycle. According to Eric Peters, CEO of One River Asset Management, the crypto winter is behind us and a particularly powerful bull cycle is shaping up in the coming months and years.

One River CEO Predicts a Bright Future for Cryptocurrencies

Despite some short-term setbacks, Eric Peters remains a long-term crypto optimist. He predicts that institutions will plunge deep into a bullish cycle.

I think the next phase will be very powerful because finally there will be real institutional acceptance.

According to Eric Peters, the market has probably already entered such a period. In a recent episode of the Bankless podcast, Mr. Peters predicted that the cryptocurrency winter is over. He did not hesitate to compare last fall to the Wall Street crash of 1929.

I’m glad we survived this bear market and it really felt like the stock market crash of 1929.

Mr. Peters saw some positive in the devastating crypto market crash of 2022 as he taught a number of newbies some important trading lessons.

He advises potential investors not to jump on the train unless they are prepared to weather volatility and varying market cycles. He concludes that those who welcome economic turmoil will benefit in the long run. In addition, they will have a better understanding of the economy as a whole.

Eric Peters Joins Coinbase to Expand His Business

Coinbase has moved beyond retail by acquiring One River Digital Asset Management. Thus, the latter becomes Coinbase Asset Management.

This acquisition marks a major milestone for Coinbase. In fact, the company is looking to attract more institutional capital into the crypto universe. Coinbase Asset Management will operate as an independent division and will be led by CEO and Chief Investment Officer Eric Peters.

According to Eric Peters, the lack of clear regulation is one of the factors preventing institutions from fully embracing the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

According to him, institutional capital is expected to flow into the sector if the US, Europe or Canada introduce appropriate regulations, while financial institutions can integrate blockchain technology into their operations.

Mr. Peters hinted that a bull cycle may have begun, pointing to a sharp rise in the cryptocurrency market earlier in the year.

Indeed, the value of bitcoin has increased by more than 30% from the end of 2022, when it was worth $16,500, to today, when it is trading at around $22,000. It even hit $25,000 in February. This is a level that has not been seen since June 2022.

The investment opportunities offered by cryptocurrencies are undeniable. However, Coinbase’s refusal to reimburse its customers proves that they still pose a significant risk to both institutions and individuals.

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