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When we talk about urban mobility, we immediately think of a scooter (electric or not), a bicycle, or even an electric scooter. But among small electric vehicles, there are other ways to get from point A to point B, and this is with a good share of pleasure while traveling.

This is where this UFO appears, which will not cease to attract attention,
Pint of One Wheel.

Pint offers a fun and compact alternative to electric scooters. Credit: Romain Vandevelde/Cnetfrance.

What is One Wheel?

Take a skateboard, a gokart wheel and a hoverboard, shake it all up and you have OneWheel. It’s just a big wheel equipped with a nerve motor and stabilized with a concentrate of gyroscopebased technology in the middle of the board.

Launched in 2013, the California brand offers a range of original unicycles available in several models, from the smallest (Pint) to the largest (GT). Pint, the most affordable model in the line, is a board just under 70 cm long and about 25 cm wide. It weighs almost 10 kg and is very compact. Finally supports a maximum weight of 110kg.

Even the smallest model is suitable for large assemblies. Credit: Romain Vandevelde/Cnetfrance.

750W Hypercore brushless motor delivers 25.7 km/h, but above all offers free acceleration. In contrast to its small size, the battery can only perform range from 10 to 13 km. However, in flexible driving with a light rider, OneWheel can gain several kilometers of extra autonomy.

A full charge takes 2 hours with the standard charger or 50 minutes with the optional ultra charger.

You don’t need to know how to skateboard

Seeing this car for the first time, one wonders how we can stay on it. Don’t worry, no skateboarding experience is required to ride OneWheel..

All you have to do is put your feet on the 2 sensorequipped platforms and lean forward. Easy, right? In practice, once the worries have passed, getting started is relatively easy, as OneWheel takes care of maintaining the balance on its own.

To move forward, just lean forward a little. To slow down, back a little. To stop, simply place the back of the board on the ground thanks to the “SimpleStop” function. The logical consequence is that it is impossible to return. To turn, you tilt your body slightly, directing your eyes where you want, and that’s it.

The pint is agile even at low speeds. For example, we could walk around the table in the living room, turn around in the kitchen without stepping on the ground. However, we do not recommend testing indoors.

practical moment, the app offers different driving profiles to “hold back” the board and make her more obedient.

The app allows you to “calm down” Pint with capture time. Photo: Romain Vandevelde/Cnetfrance (frame from the Onewheel app)

What does a pint look like every day?

Once the device is in hand (which takes several hours of practice), you can start using Pint daily.

The board is equipped with an extremely practical handle that allows you to transport it in an elevator, bus, subway… When you go outside, all you have to do is put it on the ground, press the start button, turn it on. wait 5 seconds for the machine to calibrate and continue working.

Please note that the app is optional for driving. Once the profile setting is done, it is only used to display practical information such as speed (which we will not check during operation) or remaining autonomy.

Ready to ride even on wet roads. Credit: Romain Vandevelde/Cnetfrance.

From the first turns of the steering wheel, we have fun, glide, spin like the wind.
OneWheel is not faster than a scooter, but the feeling has nothing to do with it. We are surprised that we can completely relax, clear our minds and just enjoy these few moments of fun before the work day.

With its large wheel, the board easily plays with the bumps in the road, speed bumps are almost not felt, and small bumps are passed without jerks. However, beware of too steep pits or speed bumps. If the onboard technology manages the balance without a shadow of a problem, it cannot compensate for the sudden loss of balance and a fall remains possible.

The device is reliable and accepts everything. Despite several bumps and hundreds of miles, the board shows no signs of weakness, only a few scratches on the bumpers (interchangeable).

The handle is practical and convenient for transporting the Pint. Credit: Romain Vandevelde/Cnetfrance.

Rugged device

Officially Pinta is not waterproof and it is not recommended to ride it in the rain or through puddles. In practice, even after several floods, Pinta still works just as well. Be careful, even if the wheel is wide, it is perfectly smooth and does not drain water well, which makes it difficult to work on wet ground. On a daily basis, it is also recommended to invest in a fender (a kind of mudguard) to keep the bottom of your pants free of dirt.

Once at your destination, a pint is easy to transport to the office, where its small size will make you forget about it for the rest of the day. If it’s invisible, expect it to still be the center of attention once you land on it. Passersby turn around, surprised and looking at you as if you were from another planet.

Charger the size of a laptop. Credit: Romain Vandevelde/Cnetfrance.

For night trips, the board is equipped with LED lighting. Admittedly, it’s powerful enough to pick up obstacles, but the range is limited to at best 1.5m in front of you. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust its speed to the ambient light.

What about the weekend?

La Pint can also be an interesting activity. As fun as every day, he is able to take you off the pavement. However, we would prefer a larger model such as XR or GT which will be more comfortable to exercise and above all offer better autonomy.

In flexible settings, Pint is perfect for a short family outing. Credit: Romain Vandevelde/Cnetfrance.

Prices and distribution in France

We’re getting to the annoying topic, the price.. OneWheel Pint, distributed by Rideon Experience in France, is priced from 1250 euros. Count another €55 to take advantage of the package that includes the Fender, an almost indispensable everyday accessory.

At first glance, this may seem high, but there are a few things to consider. The device is extremely strong and durable (many users have covered thousands of miles with it safely) and retains a good resale value.

Some users have many kilometers on their watch in Onewheel. Credit: Capturing the Onewheel app

Buy or not?

If you are looking for a means of everyday transport that can break you out of the monotony, the question will most likely arise: which model should I buy? After a few months of use, the Pint convinced us of everyday city use to the point where commuting to work was a welcome moment.

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