Online employment agency Gojob raises 23 million euros

Gojob, which brings together temporary workers and companies, raises 23 million euros. The French startup announced this fundraiser held with Amundi, Banque des Territoires and its historical shareholders Breega Capital, KOIS and Alter-Equity on September 9, 2022.

500,000 temporary workers and 1,000 client companies

The platform, launched in 2015, automates the process of hiring temporary workers. The startup has developed a matching algorithm that links job offers from companies to the most relevant temporary worker profiles. “Gojob offers a personalized, simple and effective solution that gives everyone a chance, starting with a temporary job,” says Pascal Lorne, founder and CEO of Gojob. “Search, recruitment, qualification, training, onboarding, contracting, payroll.. .technology at the service of performance and impact is with us everywhere.”

The startup claims to have 500,000 registered temporary workers and over 1,000 client companies that use its platform to hire on a large scale. These customers are located in France and the USA. Its platform is designed for such diverse sectors as logistics, distribution, industry, sales, construction, etc.

Profitability in 2023?

The startup explains that it has a goal of over 60% growth by the end of this year and wants to achieve profitability by 2023. Through this fundraising, Gojob intends to continue its investment in research and development and offer new learning services and products. financial assistance to temporary workers registered on its platform. The startup also wants to strengthen its presence in the US and France.

Gojob needs to be different from its competitors like Staffmatch startup. Troops, another French nugget, offers software for temporary employment agencies that automates part of the onboarding process. French startup StaffMe, a job opportunity for self-employed students, has just been taken over by the Belgian group House of HR, which specializes in temporary work, consulting and HR technology solutions.

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