Only 23 vehicles are eligible for the FranceAgriMer 2030 subsidy


In total, 400 million euros are at stake. In the meantime, only 23 materials have been offered, from all sectors combined, for an envelope of 40 million. The Ministry of Agriculture published on Friday 3 March 2023 the list of new instruments eligible for France’s subsidy plan for 2030. Applications can be made from Monday 6 March on the FranceAgriMer website.

This investment program, called the “second wave of equipment measures for the third agricultural revolution” of the France 2030 plan to expand and accelerate the deployment of innovative equipment favorable to the third agricultural revolution, is the first step. Further materials will follow. This applies to equipment that meets the themes of climate change, reducing water and energy consumption.

In the spring, another counter will be opened on the topics of replacing chemical materials, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, waste management, circular economy, working conditions, or even reducing hardship.

If one can reasonably wonder about the proposed equipment with specific references and in the absence of direct competitors, then it should be noted that the tools were offered to the Ministry by manufacturers. Thus, absentees did not submit a case for inclusion on the list of acceptable materials or were not selected by the ministry.

Bold type indicates equipment for the wine industry.

Four materials are subsidized by 20%.

seeder Kverneland e-drill maxi plus with three hoppers;

Airgaia Demet’air FreeCooling device;

Tractor New Holland Methane Power T6;

Berthoud Cruise air spray system.

Ten types of equipment will receive 30% assistance:

Helios UV Boosting Vine;

Irrycrope of Sencrope;

coil Irrifrance Optima;

Sencrop More by Sencrop;

Isagri Meteus probe;

Meteus station in Isagri;

feeding robot Kun Aura;

Stern robot AF R4D4 from Jeantil;

ECA Russo;

Bliss EcoViti by Bliss Ecospray.

Nine types of equipment will receive a 40% subsidy:

Three Trektor robots (mini, midi and maxi from Sitia);

Alpo electric tractor from Sabi Agri;

Sencrop’s LeafCrop device;

Datagrain Javelina;

Demet’air Airgaya of Airgaya;

Robot Backus and his tools in Vitibot;

EclairVale walking stick from La Canne Vale.

This list was compiled “as part of an investment to optimize the use of water resources, conserve soil, water and air; adaptation to climate change and emerging health risks; reducing energy consumption, producing renewable energy,” the ministry said in a note. A budget of 40 million euros has been specially planned.

The system is open until December 31, 2023 for applications for assistance and within the limits of available credits. The upper limit of eligible costs is set at EUR 200,000 excluding taxes per request. For Cuma, the allowable spending ceiling is set at €500,000 excluding taxes per request. The minimum amount of expenses submitted in the application for assistance is set at 2,000 euros, excluding taxes.

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