Open source: OSPO Alliance releases new version of its good governance methodology

Open source goals of good governance based on Abraham Maslow’s pyramid of human motives, author of OW2 (GGI VF, p. 5)

In 2021, several European non-profit organizations: OW2, Eclipse Foundation, OpenForum Europe and Foundation for Public Code (later joined by several open source developers, including Red Hat, Orange and Microsoft) created the OSPO (Open Source Program Office) alliance. other). A year later, the OSPO Alliance announces the release of version 1.1 of the GGI (Good Governance Initiative) methodology framework for the good governance of open source. “This release includes major enhancements including the translation process, automatic deployment, and early use case demonstrated at the Open Source Experience (OSXP) November 8-9. The GGI Methodological Framework helps to assess and improve open source awareness, compliance, and governance in organizations. .”

Assessment process in 25 activities

“As part of the tools provided by the initiative, the GGI Guide to GGI identifies 25 activities ranging from software component analysis and development best practices to education, HR and executive education, organized into goals from discovery to engagement. and strategy. As a result of this assessment process, dashboards are created to describe and evaluate how each activity is implemented in the organization.

Among the innovations of this version 1.1 are the translations of the GGI manual (“an open translation process has been set up and based on an open source software website. German and French versions are already available, as well as three other languages”). translated: Portuguese, Spanish, Italian”) and automatic deployment (allowing “any user to quickly set up their own GitLab instance and access a custom toolbar using the My GGI Board interface”).

The first implementation and customer feedback from the city of Paris was presented to OSXP by Philippe Barel, Open Source Manager.

More developments have been announced over the next few months, “such as the addition of the guide, the addition of new metrics to better track progress, rollout across multiple platforms, and other activities offered through the OnRamp webinar series.”


– French version (53 pages) of “a reminder of good open source management”;

– this is a summary (in English) on OSXP on “Open Source Governance in Large Organizations” by Catherine Nuel, Marketing Manager – OW2, François Desmier, Solutions Architect – MAIF, Philippe Barel, Open Source Project Manager – City of Paris, Boris Baldassari – Eclipse Foundation and Frederic Aatz – Marketing Manager Azure France – Microsoft.

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