OpenIP expects recovery to establish itself in the professional communications market

Among the companies that have taken advantage of the health crisis and the explosion of teleworking to renew their business model, the players in connectivity are prominent. Illustration from the side of OpenIP, operator specializing in business telephony, which has surfed the telecommuting revolution to address new companies, so far rather reluctant to invest in their digital infrastructure.

“The past year has been incredible, both in terms of network deployment and in terms of equipment for companies, which have finally made very high speed a priority,” said the president of the French operator, Laurent Silvestri. And to point out the growing attraction of companies for the cloud.

“The transition to the cloud may have been initiated, the Covid-19 crisis has enabled companies to realize that the architecture used was not tenable, because employees were no longer in the office but fragmented geographically. Many companies have been struck by the inefficiency of their internal IT, and have seized the opportunity to move to the cloud to have an efficient infrastructure. “

All lights on green

With regard to the more specific sector of business telephony, here too, the time has come for awareness. “During the first confinement, everyone left home with a smartphone and made a call forwarding from their landline to their mobile station, an ultra degraded way of using the means of communication in business. Voicemail servers, call groups, everything went wrong, leading to an explosion in requests to switch to cloud telephony. “

“Our customers’ requests have mainly concerned these key points of connectivity, the cloud and security, which are now priorities for a large majority of companies,” notes Laurent Silvestri. “What we notice above all is that the barriers to digitization that existed until now among business leaders have been lifted, which obviously has positive repercussions for us and for all those involved in the transformation. digital. “

The consequences of this awareness were not long in coming. “For us, this represents an increase in our turnover in France of around 30% over the year 2020,” said the manager. And to note that the forecasts for the end of the crisis are also in good shape. “We will have to reinvent ourselves to adapt to more hybrid working methods, which will help further accelerate the digital transformation of companies. “

Appetite comes with eating

If the economic situation is pushing OpenIP’s growth, the external growth strategy followed with great speed by its head holding company, Destiny, is also in full swing. Supported by the Apax Partners fund, the parent company of OpenIP since 2019 – present in France, Belgium and the Netherlands – is increasing its acquisitions to establish itself in the medium term as “the European leader in professional communications in the cloud” , with the objective of competing with national operators and American players such as 8X8 or RingCentral.

“In 2021, our goal is to bring solutions that already exist in the Destiny group’s portfolio to France. Our professional communication platform will be marketed in June, with the ambition of bringing the group’s technologies to our French customers, both in communications and cybersecurity ”, indicates the president and founder of OpenIP, who aims to address large accounts and midcaps whereas the group has only targeted SMEs until now.

This will require new acquisitions to come in France and in Europe. “We want to enter by the front door to establish ourselves as a central player in the market. We have planned to achieve 300 million euros in turnover in 2024, after having recorded 80 million euros in revenue in 2020, ”explains the one who is also a founding partner of the Destiny group. Latest acquisition to date: IPLine, a French company specializing in cybersecurity and the management of IP infrastructures. A new acquisition that should help Destiny achieve its objectives, as the company targets 50 million euros in turnover in France in 2021.

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