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We will praise decentralization in order to operate the network without censorship.Opera now integrates .crypto sites out of the box. The browser follows the path of a decentralized network.

From lyrics to the era of decentralization

IN April 28, 2021, browser Opera announces that its users on Windows as well as Mac, Linux or even iOS or Android will be able to more easily access sites using in.crypto extension provided by Unstoppable domains… Decentralized web pages will benefit from increased visibility with more than 320 million active users monthly browser.

It should be recalled that .crypto pages are natively integrated into Opera. Thus, Internet users using Opera will not have to enter heavy alphanumeric addresses similar to crypto wallet addresses. They will just need to enter the address as for classic sites on the navigation bar… Before this built-in integration, Opera users had to add the extension “Unstoppable expansion“, Also available for Chrome and the Braveto access .crypto or .zil sites.

Domain names with the .crypto extension are minted like NFT on Ethereum (ETH)… Thus, their creators have full control and ownership of your pages… Some domain names like win.crypto, gambling.crypto, as well as hotels.cryptoeach sold for $ 100,000 in March 2021. In 2020, the whale ETH Maxstels acquires hot domain name sex.crypto for 230 ETHabout $ 90,000 at the time… Aside from these exceptions, Unstoppable Domains domain names typically sell for $ 40. Unstoppable Domains is especially backed by BTC billionaire Tim Draper

What about the STOP button?

Opera supports the hypermedia protocol P2P Interplanetary File System (IFPS)… The latter allows data to be stored and shared on a distributed file system. Thus, Opera users will be able to receive pages of .cryptos sites through a decentralized network of computersrather than through a server in the cloud.

In theory, a decentralized network allows fight against censorship… INICANN which controls the registry of links between the IP address of the website and the domain name, is powerless against .crypto sites… However, Opera has indicated that some of its users will still need use a VPN bypass external restrictions even for decentralized sites.

Education remains the foundation: Opera certainly offers an important victory for the decentralized Internet, all that remains is to convince users of the added benefits of a decentralized Internet. Donald Trump has been banned from social media: should we applaud or worry about the power of certain people who can silence Internet users in a few clicks?

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