Operation: Tango available free of charge for PS + subscribers

Enjoy Operation: Tango for free on PS5

Months go by and are not the same on PlayStation. Sometimes, we have months when we wonder why we subscribed to the PS + and others, like this month of June 2021, we immediately understand the usefulness of this service. The Montreal game Operation: Tango by Clever Plays studio is showing free games for PS + subscribers on PS5! The lucky ones who managed to get one of the new consoles will therefore be able to enjoy it without spending a penny more.

But wait, what is Operation: Tango and why is it making such a big deal out of it? For two reasons. The first is that it’s a duo game like A Way Out for example. We play as spies who must collaborate closely in order to solve various and varied missions. It is therefore a matter of cooperation but very extensive in the sense that you cannot achieve the objective if you play alone in your corner. And who says collaboration, says communication. In this case, what better tool than his voice to make it happen? That’s good, we are organizing a contest on our Facebook page as part of the game’s release. We have 5 pairs of HyperX Cloud Silver Recert wireless headphones to win and which will allow you to accomplish your missions in the best conditions. Hurry, you have until June 14 to participate! The winners will be announced at the end of our Twitch stream which starts at 7 p.m. with Marie-Soleil and Adam who will test the game for you.

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