Opinion | Five Ways to Boost AI Recruitment

Posted on dec. 2021 at 9:05 amUpdated Dec 6, 2019, 2021, 9:08 a.m.

Before the pandemic, no one had heard of the “great wave of resignations” that throws the law of supply and demand out of balance for many jobs. If you are going to identify and recruit talent, you will want to equip yourself with the most effective tools available, knowing that the cliché “it is difficult to recruit the right talent” has never been more verified. Artificial intelligence (AI), if used well, can optimize hires, but otherwise it will make things very complicated.

Let’s look at five scenarios for using artificial intelligence to better recruit in the context we know today, where the war for talent is raging.

Increase the efficiency of remote environments

The pandemic has strongly accentuated the practice of teleworking. Since recruiters and candidates work in different regions and time zones, it is more important than ever to have smooth processes with clearly defined responsibilities.

AI can be useful here to send notifications when a task is ready to be assigned to another team member, to centralize SMS communications to candidates, or to combine internal databases to be redistributed across the team. The possibilities are numerous, but they all point to greater efficiency and clarity.

Refine “perceptions” by facilitating recruitment

Traditional recruiting technologies know how to rank applications and find keyword-matching CVs and cover letters. While this can be useful for mass hires, candidates with unusual backgrounds run the risk of being left out.

A restaurant manager likely has many of the skills required for a sales job, but historical technology that cannot identify a potential transfer of skills and experience runs the risk of losing your profile.

Instead of a simple yes / no answer to keywords, the AI ​​uses feedback from the Data Science and Talent Acquisition (TA) team to further explore insights with scores that correspond to rank-to-order. to get the best (sometimes unexpected) candidates. Armed with this information, recruiters and hiring managers can make more strategic hiring decisions by taking into account the uniqueness of these candidates and treating people as such.

Improve communication

One of the main comments candidates make in a selection process is a lack of communication. Of course, many steps take place behind the scenes (CV review and classification, interviews with various candidates, discussions between teams), but this induces long wait times for candidates, who often remain in the room. ‘

Obviously, obstacles to good information for candidates are lack of time and difficulty in taking charge. AI can optimize chatbots that answer questions 24/7, perform automatic updates as applications are processed, and activate centralized SMS portals to chat with applicants in compliance with compliance and monitoring rules. .

The other benefit is that these resources reduce the amount of inquiries from applicants, so helpdesk teams can foster meaningful communication instead of spending time on administrative matters.

Correct bias

A Yale University study found that male and female scientists tend to prefer male candidates, even offering them an average starting salary of $ 4,000. And these people are trained to be objective!

Unfortunately, this is just one example of the many uncorrected biases that affect recruitment. The good news is that AI can help eliminate discrimination at all stages of hiring.

Even before a job posting is posted, artificial intelligence tools can scan ads for discriminatory language. Artificial intelligence algorithms applied to applications can generate candidates with the right skills and experience, regardless of factors such as gender, ethnicity, name or age, and even mask that information until an advanced stage of hiring.

Increase efficiency

When we know that a recruiter spends up to 40% of their time sorting CVs into an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), we can see how much AI technology capable of raising the right candidates can increase a recruiter’s productivity. And this is just one example. The automated scheduling of interviews, chatbots, and SMS portals in the latest talent acquisition suites can speed things up even more.

Another metric that AI can improve significantly is cost per hire. Saving time saves money, but it’s even better. Certain artificial intelligence tools can optimize job offer placement and allocate budgets to the most efficient channels for better control of hiring expenses.

Jérôme Ternynck is the founder of SmartRecruiters.

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