OPPO continues to grab market share in France

Since arriving in France in 2018, OPPO has continued to grab market share from its competitors. The Chinese manufacturer, present in the markets for smartphones, connected objects and even routers, is starting to find its place in France, where it claims a market share of 6%, equivalent to that it records in the rest of the Old Continent.

“This is the result of a lot of notoriety work carried out by our teams to allow the brand to be better identified with the general public”, explains Denis Morel, CEO of OPPO France. “We have managed to diversify our distribution channels and to multiply partnerships with popular institutions like Roland-Garros to be more visible,” said the manager, at the head of a hundred employees in France.

However, it was not all easy for the Chinese manufacturer. “We first entered the French market with a smartphone whose price exceeded 1,000 euros, which was a real gamble at the time. We have gradually invested in lower ranges with more accessible smartphones, which have enabled us to reach a larger audience and to be distributed to more points of sale in the region, ”he says.

Focus on IoT

If the Chinese manufacturer is now primarily targeting the general public, it does not forget the professionals, via a range of dedicated CPE routers. “This is a market that interests us, of course, and that we will continue to address, because it is a vector of growth for us,” says the manager. Especially since the deployment of 5G should help push the sale of modems in the coming months.

The emergence of the new generation of mobile technology in the daily life of the French should also rhyme with that of the Internet of Things. A segment on which OPPO has been eyeing for a long time. In 2018, the manufacturer announced the launch of an investment plan of 50 billion yuan, or nearly 6.5 billion euros, to deploy a whole range of connected objects. A paying investment for the Chinese giant, which now offers a wide range of wearables and other connected bracelets on the market.

“OPPO is more than just a phone maker. Smartphones have only been a gateway for OPPO, to offer a diversified portfolio of technological services, ”said the vice-president of the company, Levin Liu, at the launch of this great IoT plan. It remains to be seen whether the manufacturer’s extended portfolio will allow it to continue its momentum, which indicates that it has recorded growth of around + 400% in 2020 and + 250% since the start of the year.

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