Oqton raises $ 40 million to develop industrial 3D printing software

The software publisher Oqton specializing in Industry 4.0 has just raised 40 million dollars. The round table was led by Fortino Capital, an investor in B2B software, the Flemish region investment fund PMV and the Swedish industrial company Sandvik.

Its two founders Samir Hanna and Ben Schrauwen, formerly of Autodesk, and several business angels including Carl Bass (ex-CEO of Autodesk), Dries Buytaert and Peter Mercelis also participated in the round table.

Forge new partnerships
With these new funds, the company, shared between San Francisco and Ghent in Belgium, wishes to further develop its platform and expand its commercial partnerships in different fields and on several vertical markets in additive manufacturing, robotic welding and CNC machining ( manufacturing process that uses computers to send commands to machine tools).

Founded in 2017, Oqton has developed a platform called “FactoryOS” for additive manufacturing and welding which makes it possible to optimize production planning, eliminate repetitive tasks, access technologies remotely and on several sites … To do so, it combines several manufacturing software, from design to quality management system (QMS), including production management (MES).

Design, simulate, inspect …
Thus, users can design, prepare, simulate, program, monitor, analyze, trace, inspect and certify their products on a single platform. FactoryOS is also powered by machine learning systems which allowed it to fully automate “the dentistry and jewelry verticals, leading to an overall cost reduction of 30%“says Samir Hanna, co-founder and executive chairman of Oqton.

For example, a manager can schedule alerts based on the oxygen level in the printing chamber or to be notified when parts may not be finished by the set delivery date.

A partnership strategy
Oqton, which has 56 employees, does not directly market its software to manufacturers but forges partnerships with companies specializing in 3D printing, which then integrate FactoryOS into their 3D printers. The company works with EOS, Sisma, Trumpf, Prodways, and Sandvik.

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