Orbibot (Nintendo Switch) – Le test –

Developed by PS Games and published by Ratalaika Games, Orbibot will launch on all consoles in August 2021 (the 20th for Xbox One, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and the 26th for our Nintendo Switch). It is offered at 4.99 euros on each of these platforms.

Gameplay with progressive difficulty but not contextualized

When the game launches, we are offered two options. We can play or change the settings, which is in English. After pressing the “play” button, we come to a level selection page. It seems that there are fifteen levels and that the first two are already accessible. To unlock the following, we will need to complete the above.

In the game, whether at launch or in-game, we don’t have any story elements or dialogue. Therefore, we do not know what is the purpose of the missions that will be offered to us. We just find ourselves controlling a little ball-shaped robot, which occasionally makes some noises, a bit like R2-D2.

The functions we have are quite limited. The only actions that we can do are to move, see the connections of the elements of the environment, rotate the camera and use the zoom. It should be noted that all these actions are carried out using the joystick, the game not using the touch screen.

The objective of the game is repeated with each level. It is about crossing a course, without falling, to a teleporter that marks the end of the level and sends us to the next. In the event of a crash, it will be necessary to restart the level. Once a level is started, we can return to it from the initial level selection screen.

During our journey, we will encounter certain obstacles with which it will be possible to interact. For example, by pressing a switch it will be possible to make a ball appear that we will have to press on another button, which will have the effect of triggering the arrival of an elevator.

As we progress through the game, the levels get more and more difficult. This translates into the time it takes us to finish the levels. So if we only need a few seconds to complete the first, we move to two minutes for the second, then five for the third. In fact, it is necessary that we take the time to adapt to the new elements of each level and discover the area, which also develops according to the level. Fortunately, we can find save points that save us, in case of a crash, from a complete restart of the level.

In addition to the main gameplay, we are offered side missions. We can collect animals made of associations of shapes of different colors, hidden in each level. To harvest them, you will sometimes have to deviate from the main path. However, completing these missions has no effect on our progress in the game. Furthermore, we did not find any interest in collecting them. These items are not even mentioned on the level selection screen or anywhere else in the game.

A relaxing environment that encourages reflection.

Players always appreciate that their game evolves during the game. Orbibot understands this and makes us discover new obstacles at each level. It can be a passage with precise timing, or a passage in which it will be necessary to alternate sides. During our game, we go from surprise to surprise, which prevents us from being left in a redundant game. This is pretty!

The game will test your patience, the falls will be numerous and you will have to try to understand how to pass certain parts of the area in progress. To limit the annoyance that the game might cause, the music present is usually fairly quiet. We noticed that one was more stressful than the others, but it is possible to skip it by reloading the level from the pause menu. This manipulation must be done at the beginning of the level, so as not to lose progress to the save point, because the music remains during the level.

On the other hand, sound effects sometimes break this calm atmosphere. This is the case, in particular, of our little robot, who will come to complain every time he comes across a wall. Fortunately, it is possible that we lower its volume from the settings of the game.

Visually, the 3D levels are handcrafted and consist of easy to analyze shapes. These are cubes that can be full or empty, barriers, galleries or other spheres. The colors we frequently find in the game range from dark gray for roads to sky blue, a hint of orange that is less aggressive than red and finally white. These are the colors most used by the game, which have the effect of protecting our eyes. That is why we have a sober and pleasant decoration. On the side of our character, the ball is black. It has an eye that allows it to see where it is going, a red color, and small orange patterns (two circles and a rectangle). It is brighter than the decorations, which allows us to differentiate it well, and we have a reflection impression on it.

As for the useful life of the game, it is relatively short, but it corresponds to the price of the game, which is 4.99 euros in the eshop.

Need help?

To try to move forward, it was easier for us to play it safe by lowering the sensitivity of the stick or playing with the directional arrow, to move more slowly.

During our first games, we almost lose an element that can also help us a lot in our games. By holding down the X button, we can observe the links between the elements of the level. In this way we can see what a switch is connected to.

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