ORICO USB 4 external solid state drive inspired by Mondrian

This week, Orico introduced a new portable external SSD storage solution with USB 4 interface in the form of Orico USB4 High Speed ​​Portable SSD Montage 40 Gbps series. The new line of SSDs was inspired by Dutch artist Piet Mondrian and features bold and vibrant aesthetic designs from Mondrian’s famous Composition with Red, Blue and Yellow.

According to Orico, the external SSD delivers 3126MB/s read speed, 2832MB/s write speed and 3GB file transfer in just one second. The SSD is supported by Mac OS, Windows, Android, and Linux operating systems without a driver and comes with a 2in1 data cable for USB type A and type C connection.

ORICO USB 4 External Solid State Drive

“The design of the external SSD includes thick black lines and colored blocks that immediately differentiate the device from monochrome alternatives on the market. Loud but not gaudy, the design is applied with a robust inmould labeling technology that is also used in the automotive industry for its corrosion resistance.”

“We are thrilled to introduce the compelling Montage Series, delivering superior performance and a timeless aesthetic that truly transcends style trends,” commented Xu Yeyou, CEO of ORICO. “When developing the product, we thought about creative people who are constantly on the move, such as photographers and video editors.”

Source: Oriko

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