Original NoSLQ Couchbase Solution Use Cases

Couchbase is both the name of an American company and the name of its flagship product, an open-source, in-memory document-oriented database based on JSON.

“Couchbase can solve a lot of cost and performance issues while offering a more modern and faster software development paradigm,” summarizes Herve Olini, Southern Europe and Benelux Pre-Sales Manager at Couchbase.

This solution is mainly known for its ability to improve the performance of web services. LinkedIn uses it, for example, to cache its 830 million member profiles.

“Many customers are adopting our caching technology, but with the idea that Couchbase will allow them to go much further later,” our source clarifies. This solution offers advanced features such as event management and analytics, allowing you to imagine interesting use cases.

System U: attracted caching, stayed behind analytics

System U had three different customer management databases: one for the e-commerce site, one for the drive, and one for physical stores. Databases whose information was out of sync, leading to acute problems such as coupons valid on one distribution channel but not on another.

The group chose Couchbase to reconcile data from these three databases. He subsequently phased out the three SQL databases, replacing them with Couchbase.

“Système U has also implemented analytics on Couchbase to better understand its customers and the popularity of in-store products, allowing for better targeting of advertising operations. From a data center, Couchbase has evolved into a central solution for System U.”

Enablon and Pulse Health: Couchbase on the go

Couchbase Mobile allows you to run a database instance directly on a mobile device (smartphone or tablet), allowing you to perform edge computing as well as work offline with automatic data synchronization performed when the connection is restored.

Two French publishers use this technology in their offerings: Enablon for a site audit management solution and Pulse Santé for a management tool aimed at healthcare providers and home care providers. “We are betting that these concepts of mobility and edge computing will become increasingly important,” comments Herve Olini.

New offers for developers

Couchbase recently introduced the Couchbase Capella DBaaS (database as a service) solution. It is available on AWS (Amazon Web Services) and on the Google Cloud platform, and should appear on the Microsoft Azure cloud by the end of the year. “Capella allows you to take advantage of a fully hosted and managed Couchbase database with advanced replication features. »

Replication between sites will improve performance or provide better data protection. This is also possible between hyperscalers. “We can imagine a case where data is stored in Europe on AWS and in China on Alibaba Cloud, with selective data replication to adapt to Chinese regulations. »

Couchbase aims to be easily accessible to developers familiar with classic SQL databases. So the query engine called “SQL++” is specifically designed for them. In addition to support and training services, the publisher will offer – likely in early 2023 – an environment to run Couchbase instances for a limited time. Ideal for developers who want to test an application or microservice with the Couchbase database.

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