Other COVID-19 cases in Saint-Philippe, upsurge in Saint-Constant | Reflect

According to a June 3 report from the Ministry of Health of Montereji, the two additional cases of COVID-19 refer to 18 active cases reported on May 31 in Saint-Philippe.

The municipality remains the hardest hit of the seven covered by Le Reflet. There is also an increase in Saint-Constant, where six active cases were reported in less than four days, affecting 11 people in total.

In addition, vaccinations are going well in Monterege, with 62.2% of the population receiving at least one dose on June 2. In the local service network of Jardin-Roussillon (RLS), which includes RCM Roussillon and Jardin-de-Napierville, this number rises to 61.3%.

Vaccination by age group in the Jardin-de-Roussillon region is broken down as follows: 94.2% among people aged 70 and over, 92% among people aged 60-69, 85.3% among people aged 50-59 years, 76% among 40 people. -49 years old, 64.1% among 30–39 years old, 53.5% among 18–29 years old and 16.9% among 12–17 years old.

Balance sheet by city

Candyak: less than 5 (stable)

Delson: less than 5 (stable)

La Prairie: less than 5 (drop)

Saint-Constant: 11 (+6)

Saint Catherine: less than 5 (stable)

Saint-Mathieu: less than 5 (stable)

Saint Philip: 20 (+2)

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