Ouija 2.0: when a deceased woman participates in her funeral!

It’s not a joke ! Marina Smith, a British woman who died in June, was able to attend her own funeral and answer questions from her family. This exploit was created by an American startup founded by Stephen D. Smith and Heather Mayo-Smith. The main purpose of this society was to record and preserve the memory of Holocaust survivors.

Today, the StoryFile company offers to communicate with a loved one for the last time. For this, artificial intelligence is used. When Marina Smith was still alive, she sat around 20 cameras and answered 250 questions to write this final review.

In an interview with the BBC, Stephen D. Smith said that this technology is aimed at communicating with deceased people, while specifying that these are entirely his words, and not an AI creation.

This isn’t the first time a dead person has spoken, in June Amazon allowed Alexa’s voice to be changed to the voice of a deceased person.


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