Our comparison is joined by the Sony DualSense Edge gamepad test

The rating speaks for itself; The DualSense Edge is a great controller, definitely better than the classic DualSense. Even if the new features (customization, palettes, variable trigger length, etc.) aren’t new, Sony was able to make the best use of them and make everything simple enough that the user doesn’t get lost in the setup. profile, an operation which, however, can be very difficult. Admittedly, there are still some pitfalls, such as the inability to bind a single-button keyboard shortcut, and that pesky cache that doesn’t match the level of the rest of the pad. But more than the internal quality of the controller, it is primarily the needs of the user who will decide whether to buy it or not. To put it bluntly, for the average gamer, and even an avid gamer like your favorite editor, the DualSense Edge isn’t of much interest outside of its official and exclusive side; “môôofôâ, I’m playing with the Dualsense Edge.” On the other hand, for those who play online regularly and – really – competitively, or even for professional players who are looking to reduce the reaction time, using to the maximum all the resources at their disposal in order to bite off some FPS and emerge victorious from the arena, this DualSense Edge can prove to be a formidable weapon thanks to the on-the-fly profile change… From there to the 240€ investment, everyone will decide…

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