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Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Drama, Volpi Cup for Best Actress at the latest Venice Film Festival, and soon an Oscar? As Tar prepares to hit our screens, the film Todd Field akin to an award-winning car for its lead actress, Cate Blanchett.

A road paved with well-deserved statuettes for someone who has already won two Oscars? Does a feature film have anything else besides lighting up its star? Here is the opinion of .

Movie Synopsis

A world-famous maestro whose autobiography is about to be released, Lydia Tar is preparing to achieve her goal by performing the concerto of Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No. 5, the only one she has not performed yet, accompanied by the great German symphony orchestra. .

But in just a few weeks, her entire life will come crashing down after an event that many powerful people have gone through before her.

Better Thar than never

It would be unfair to say that Tar relies solely on the performance of Cate Blanchett. However, we must return to Katya what belongs to Caesar, because his interpretation, without a doubt, is the cornerstone of the work. According to Todd Field himself, he thought over the film for the actress and a refusal on her part would have led to the premature death of the project.

So we can view Tar as a showcase where Cate Blanchett’s jewel has all the space it needs to shine before our eyes. Invested 200%, the actress understands the burden that weighs on her shoulders and monopolizes the ambiguous personality of this woman, whose dream turns into a nightmare due to the lack of awareness of her actions.

Present in every frame, the unique engine of the story, Cate Blanchett thus provides a grandiose performance., leading with her wand the smallest scene of the film that exists for her and which without her would not exist. She had never carried the title of “Maestro” so well.

And to be a great actress, there must be a great role. In this game Field managed to create, together with Lydia Tar, a whole social symbol, where relations of domination, manipulation, harassment are no longer embodied in sex, but in “powerful”. Thus, the director manages to perfectly convey the balance of power between the person above and those on whom his gaze rests.

Tar is a skilled conductor who has built himself on the strength of his work, but intoxicated by his dominant position, objectifies the other. The other is nothing more than a puppet in the service of her career or her desire, the strings of which she pulls from her desk. A feature film will take time, sometimes even too much, to change the balance of power.becoming the master of the life of Tara, who discovered his impotence.

All it takes is a grain of sand to bring flaws and weaknesses to the surface (sometimes literally) in a nightmarish way, this time putting someone who thought she was untouchable into the position of an instrument of fate in motion, inevitable.

We also appreciate that the director manages to swap places with some delicacy preferring allusion to past or present actions (sometimes one foot is enough) to guide us in the right direction.

Like his story, we feel that he thought his set as a score where each part will have its own role so that the music plays in unison. Decadence is never brutal, it flows almost naturally as soon as the first note is played.

The only downside might be the symphony is too long and of a remark which, if it signifies by its manner and its interpretation, nothing original as to what cinema or the small screen has been able to offer us since conscience awakens. Can we really blame him? A booster shot won’t hurt; whether it’s pointing the finger at the vice of power or Cate Blanchett’s enormous talent.

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What are Blanchett’s plans?

Thanks to Tara, Cate Blanchett should have an active start to the year, as the festival season is not yet over and several nominations, and then, no doubt, several awards should be added to her collection, including the famous golden statuette.

As for her future projects, the actress will play the diversity card as she is expected to star in the film adaptation of the Borderlands video game as Lilith. She will also star in the series Disclaimer, created by none other thanAlfonso Cuarondirector of “Sons of Men and Gravity”.

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