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Four famous British female athletes had their candid and private photos stolen from their devices and leaked onto the internet. The footage was leaked and posted on social media just days after England Lionesses’ historic European Cup victory over Germany.

Nude and candid photos of high-profile women are posted on WhatsApp without their consent. Among the victims of the act is a sports star who competes in the Commonwealth Games. While one of the stars is a famous former lioness, the other is an active player in the Women’s Super League. There are other unknown faces in the photographs who appear to be either teammates or close friends of the star.



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The photos, which began to circulate after England’s historic victory over Germany, were taken in private locations that appear to be hotel rooms or showers. However, the mystery of how the images became public is still a mystery, and all stars are taking strict measures to ensure that intimate images and videos are removed from the dark web.

Numerous social media users received candid photos, one of which read: “They all gathered just before the Euro final. There is a clear attempt to undermine the success of women’s sport, which has been so successful in recent times. It’s sad that someone decided to start this during the Euro when the Lionesses performed so well. »


Caroline Noakes, chairwoman of the House of Commons Committee on Women and Equality, condemned the felony and criticized users who shared the photos. The Tory MP said: “When you compete in the sports scene, you should be able to focus on what you are doing and you don’t have to put up with this sexist behavior. »

Noakes added: “When our female sports stars demonstrate that they are superior to men, they should not put up with this disgusting objectification. We have made such huge strides towards equality, but when something happens, it reminds us that we are still constantly being objectified. However, they are not talked about for what they have achieved, but for their appearance.


A spokesman for the National Cybersecurity Center also responded to the criminal attack and called it “totally reprehensible.” They said: “Accessing people’s data and then exposing it is completely wrong and we encourage everyone to take steps to protect their online accounts. The NCSC recommends enabling two-factor authentication where it is available. »


“We also recommend a strong password consisting of three random words to reduce the chance of being hacked, and important accounts should use a unique password. The NCSC Cyber ​​Aware website offers actionable security steps,” they added.

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