Outriders – A quick tour of the mixed reviews and ratings of the press!

Outriders was therefore released on the market on April 1st, and with it great questions as to the quality of his adventure and especially his depth of play. We did not expect him to be the new king of cooperative TPS, but we were curious to see what People Can Fly had to offer us. As much to say it immediately, we are far from the mastodons of the genre and we encourage you to read our test of the beast to have our opinion.

But one thing is certain, although it was announced as yet another generic and soulless game, it was able to surprise a lot of people with certain game mechanics and other rather well thought out ideas. The press remains divided on his case, however, with his Metacritic scores of 76 on PC, 77 on PlayStation 5 and 83 on Xbox Series X | S. Correct ratings, but which certainly do not meet the expectations of the Polish studio and Square Enix, the publisher.

For the sake of transparency, but also so that you can see for yourself to what extent Outriders divides, we therefore offer you a small summary of the marks awarded by the French-speaking specialist press, but also abroad.. Of course, we’re not going to go through all the reviews, but some crucial points stand out.

At first, everyone agrees that despite a nice background, the narration and the staging are totally strawberry, like the development of the characters and the universe. As well as the big problems (still present) encountered by the game vis-à-vis the stability of its servers since its release have had a huge impact on the gaming experience.

Nevertheless, and despite a certain repetitiveness and a level design considered quite poor by the majority of editors, the gameplay manages to stand out, with an unsuspected depth and above all a game that can be played alone as well as in cooperation, something that takes on its full meaning during End-game Expeditions.

These are observations that we ourselves have drawn, and if some go further, saying it boring in terms of its gameplay and progression loop or even badly done in terms of its difficulty, we are, like others d ‘elsewhere, no agreement on this, proof once again that the game divides. So let’s discover together a small selection of notes that bear witness to all this.

Notes from the French press (non-exhaustive and evolving list):

  • New Game Plus (a little chauvinism doesn’t hurt): 6/10
  • 15/20
  • Gamekult: 4/10
  • Gamesactu: 14/20
  • Clubic: 6/10
  • IGN France: 7/10
  • Millenium: 75/100

Notes from the foreign press (non-exhaustive and evolving list):

  • GameInformer: 9/10
  • Games Machine (it): 8/10
  • PC Invasion: 7.5 / 10
  • TheGamer: 7/10
  • PCGamesN: 7/10
  • PCGamer: 63/100
  • PlayStation Universe: 8.5 / 10
  • Hobby Consolas (es): 8.5 / 10
  • Trusted Reviews: 8/10
  • The Guardian: 8/10
  • Push Square: 7/10
  • Destructoid: 7/10
  • COGconnected: 72/100
  • Forbes: 9/10
  • GamingBolt: 8/10

So much for the different notes. We quickly notice that the foreign press is generally more receptive to this Outriders. Still, some big ducks like Kotaku, GamesRadar + or GameSpot, GameStar and other IGNs have not yet delivered their verdict. In France, we miss Gameblog, GamerGen, JVFrance or ActuGaming.

So everything is not set in stone yet, but faced with so many disparities, if you are more of an aficionado of this kind of game, we can only advise you to form your own opinion or simply to read different reviews and cross-check the main information that will make you take the plunge or not.

Finally, we’ll update this listing when all the reviews are out. Note also that nothing has been released concerning the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Outriders.

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