Outriders developers promise compensation for players affected by inventory issue

In addition to many problems at its launch, the title of People Can Fly, Outriders, currently suffers from a major concern: players sometimes find their inventory completely empty and can no longer connect to the servers. Working to restore everyone’s items, the developers have promised significant compensation for those with this concern.

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It has now been several days since some Outriders players have notified an empty inventory and the inability to connect to the game’s servers. If this size problem is really crippling, the developers are working to correct it. Moreover, they released a short time ago, an update aimed at preventing the appearance of this phenomenon to other players (patch note here). In the meantime, they are still in the process of finding a viable solution for restoring each other’s items and they have made an announcement about it.

Indeed, on the game’s Subreddit page (at this address), they posted a message regarding this issue. They recall that the latest update appears to be a success and has kept the empty inventory problem from spreading further to others. They focus on the most complete restoration possible of the items and announce that the impacted players will be entitled to compensation.. According to their remarks, the restored items will have an added value (“God roll”), that is to say that they will be either of equal level or superior to those initially possessed.. It is not yet known whether this compensation will result in Legendary Items, but it may be the case depending on your character and world level. To be sure, it will obviously be necessary to wait for more precision from them.

On the other hand, they also note that the people affected by the empty inventory cannot effectively connect to the game. As we pointed out in a previous article on Outriders, it is indeed impossible to continue its game since an error message appears after a few seconds of launching. A concern that will be just as well resolved as soon as the restoration process is deployed. For now, you have to be patient if you are affected by the inventory problem and therefore the connection.

As a reminder, Outriders is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC.

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