Outriders: it’s that easy to transfer your progress from the demo

Do you have the new loot shooter demo Outriders play? Then you don’t have to start over in the full version. You can easily get yours Embrace progress.

Just keep playing Outriders in the full version after the demo

People Can Fly development studio is expected to be nominated for a customer service award. Not only do you have the right to See the “Outriders” loot shooter with a demo and play the tutorial and the first chapter of the story for free, you can take back whatever you won in the full version.

And it works like this: did you play the demo and then get “Outriders”, you just keep playing. Exactly, it is that easy. All of your demo data has been saved and you just need to reconnect and continue playing exactly where you left off. Your character’s progress is there, as is the loot you’ve collected. If you stopped in the last demo, you continue right away.

Incidentally, this applies to all platforms. Whether you’ve played the “Outriders” demo on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S or on PS4 / PS5, your progress will carry over to the full version.

However, there is a small limitation on PC: Steam demo progress cannot be transferred to the full version on the Epic Game Store. And of course you are tied to the platform. So you can’t just switch from PC to PS5 or Xbox Series X / S and hope to keep playing it.

the Demo of “Outriders” is always available to you by the way. So if you want to play loot shooter before you buy it, then do so. This way you will know if the game is for you. If you like it then you get it and just keep playing in the full version as described.

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