Outriders: the patch to correct server crashes is available

The Polish studio People Can Fly announces the immediate availability of the patch supposed to correct the crashes of its latest game, Outriders. This action game, released on April 1 and available in the Game Pass, has encountered major stability problems since its release. Whether it was the interruptions of games linked to the servers, the bugs causing your inventory to disappear or the inability to start a game altogether, the launch was quite catastrophic. Working hard to go up the hill, these fixes are meant to level the experience up.

On the program, therefore, server corrections, which should limit disconnections and various bug fixes. People Can Fly specifies that the missing inventories will be reinstated at a later date, not yet specified. Only Epic and Legendary items can be returned. These will be added to existing equipment, without replacing them. He mentions that the blue equipment will probably not be able to be returned and even without it, the level of weapons and armor will probably be reduced.

Outriders begins its slow return to the light. Mix of Gears of War and destiny, this action game is, in addition to its technical concerns, mastered at the level of its presentation. You only have to watch it run on Xbox Series X | S to realize it… Hopefully its development studio can put it back in the saddle, because Outriders deserves it, definitely.

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