Outward “The Three Brothers” DLC Now Available

Announced in December 2020, the “Three Brothers” DLC is available on Xbox One and Series X | S. The developers of Nine Dots Studio and the publisher Deep Silver provided an update on the new features in Outward.

Outward – Rebuild the old refugee camp in “The Three Brothers”

“It is not only destruction on an adventurer’s path, the time for reconstruction has come!”. Indeed, in this new extension you will have to join the people in charge of rebuilding the old refugee camp. You will need to create the new Sirocco. Just that ! For this, the developers have added a city building mechanism. It will allow create your Sirocco to you. Besides, this city will serve as a landmark in Aurai.

From now on, you can take the way to Caldera. It’s Utotally new region. Over there a whole new story waiting for you. But beware, it will not be without danger. New dungeons, quests, and a wealth of treasures are warm to await you in these marvelous landscapes. To help you in this perilous task, you will have access to new weapons, new skills as well as many gadgets.

Among the new weapons there is “weapons awake“. They are legendary and therefore difficult to obtain. However, the effort will pay off! This is because their unique attributes will give you a much needed edge in many situations.

Filled with new adventures, skills, weapons, recipes and pets, “The Three Brothers” DLC takes you on a whole new journey into the unique world of Aurai! This extension is available for purchase alone for € 19.99.

But, if you still haven’t given in to purchasing a DLC for Outward, the time may have come. Indeed, a new Bundle is available. It includes all the expansions and the game for € 64.99. It just came out, so it’s on sale until June 1st. The bundle, in promotion, regrouping a formidable epic is available at 38.99 €.

“The three brothers” is revealed in video

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