Over $ 56 billion in profits: Apple, Google and Microsoft swallow the world

The numbers were expected to rise. In fact, they have reached new heights. Each in its field, Apple, Google and Microsoft broke records in the last quarter. Published overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday, their results show that the trends outlined in recent months are being confirmed. These tech giants were the big winners of the pandemic. And the end of the emerging health crisis will benefit them even more. And nothing, from the shortage of computer chips to attempts at regulation, seems seriously capable of thwarting the expansion of these multinationals in the medium term.

Of course, Google, Apple and Microsoft each have their own specificities and are active in parallel markets. But common traits unite them. The fact that billions of Earthlings have spent more time in front of their screens – phones or computers – in recent months has directly benefited them. The demand for online services has exploded. And today, the digital giants are profiting from the recovery, increased consumption and travel made possible again. This is how Apple ($ 21.7 billion), Google (18.5 billion) and Microsoft (16.5 billion) have accumulated more than 56 billion in profits in three months. These companies, whose total value exceeds $ 6 trillion on the stock market, have each broken a record.

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