Overcoming aphasia with your own choir – Sciences et Avenir

Loss of words, incoherent language, understanding but inability to be understood: these are illnesses that people with aphasia deal with on a daily basis. All these difficulties make the life of people suffering from aphasia and their loved ones especially difficult. This disorder occurs after a cerebral shock, which can occur during CNS (cerebrovascular arrest) or concussion. The best way to deal with this cognitive disorder is speech therapy. However, the path to the restoration of the language is long and psychologically difficult for the patient and his environment.

To facilitate and speed up the passage of this test, singing, and especially the choir, showed real effectiveness both in the treatment of patients and in the mental load of others. In an article published in the journal Brain Communication, researchers from the University of Helsinki, Finland studied the effect of singing on the recovery of communication and speech skills in people with aphasia. They also considered the beneficial effects of the choir on the sociability and morale of patients and their caregivers.

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