Overview of the latest PS5 system software update

PlayStation gamers interested in learning more about the latest PS5 system software update will be happy to know that this week Sony has published an article on the Official PlayStation Blog that goes into more detail about the development of the latest PS5 update on how the console’s new features came to be. . together. Hiromi Wakai, VP of Product Management from Tokyo, explains how the new PS5 system update was created and what you can expect from the PlayStation platform after this latest update.

PS5 system software update.

“Discord voice chat has been one of the biggest requests from our community and we have been hard at work with the Discord team to deliver an experience that we hope our players will enjoy. I use Discord when I play a Final Fantasy XIV raid with friends who play on PC, so Discord voice chat is a big feature for me and we’re very excited to bring to our community. Together with Discord, we want to make it easy for people to connect with each other, wherever they like to play.”

1440p support

“I’m thrilled that we’re providing variable refresh rate support for 1440p as this feature is highly requested by gamers who like to play on 1440p capable monitors. VRR is a great way to improve the visual performance of PS5 games, so it’s great to see more of our players enjoy this feature. The ability to update your DualSense controller wirelessly is another feature that I think adds to the convenience of players and makes it much easier to update your controller’s device software.”

“Our inspiration comes from our players, so we listen to their feedback all the time. We’re always thinking about features our fans might want to see and how to make their PS5 games more fun, social and connected. It’s also important to us to minimize the hassle of making it easy for players to transition to the experience they want to enjoy on PS5. We have a very long list of features, and we think carefully about how we prioritize our time and resources to deliver the ones that will have the most meaningful impact on our players’ experience.”

Source: Sony

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