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– Published on 15.05.2022, 11:01
– Benoit D.

Like all brands, Xbox offers many products based on its image, whether it’s freebies at events or official products sold on websites. Today we’re going to talk about a rather atypical Xbox Drive product. This is about Xbox Series X mini fridge replica, in other words, a mini-fridge that looks like a replica of the Xbox Series X. Clearly a collectible that appeals to the idea of ​​having a mini-fridge in your play corner of the house. But is the thing worth it? We tell you everything about Xbox Gamer.

My fridge is just me!

Having your own small refrigerator is still stylish. Especially if it’s an aesthetic on a theme you like. This fridge replicates the look and feel of the Xbox Series X in a larger format than the original. We find everything from the console, floppy drive, USB port, sync button, start button, and air vent on top of the console. Of course, everything is fake, well, almost … After all, as you understand, the drive is completely fake. However, everything else is useful. First of all we find the famous console ignition button, on this mini fridge it is just an LED that indicates that the fridge is on. There is a green LED on the top of the refrigerator near the ventilation grill. All of these LEDs can be turned off, even if the refrigerator is on, by pressing the button in the lower right corner of the console (usually the sync button). And finally, the famous USB port is not fake at all! On the contrary, it has great utility because you can plug in a device to charge it through this port. And it’s pretty cool. As for the general appearance of the refrigerator, only fire is visible from afar, and the result is very convincing. However, upon closer inspection, it must be admitted that the plastic used looks somewhat cheap and does not give the impression of exceptional quality. To see in the long run if it will lose its color and if the buttons will peel off or not… When we open this mini fridge we see an all green Xbox interior and it looks good. There is a large compartment with 2 removable shelves. It’s pretty nice to be able to modulate as you wish, because if you want to fit soda cans, there are so many different sizes that everything wouldn’t necessarily fit if it wasn’t modular. In addition, we also have the right to put Snickers on two door shelves, for example. You can remove them if you wish. We have to admit that the first concern we had was whether the fridge could actually hold enough cans of soda and not mini cans. Much to our surprise, the fridge is big enough to hold 33 liter cans and the ad that it can hold 12 is not misused. This is rather a very good moment. On the back of the console there are all connectors for connecting a refrigerator. Therefore, it can be connected to a standard power supply, but there is also a connection for a cigarette lighter, the cable of which is provided. Surprise at this level because although the fridge is still imposing, it was designed to be transportable. And finally, the famous ON / OFF button with two modes: Eco or MAX. Eco mode, as the name suggests, is an economy mode in which ventilation is less intense. Cooling will also take longer. Unlike the Max mode, which turns towards it from below, but produces much more noise. It is even recommended to use the maximum mode only if you need to quickly cool the contents of the refrigerator, but do not use it for a long period of time.

Colder than a fridge

Now let’s talk about its use, because we are interested in whether this refrigerator cools well. Let’s face it, it’s not a refrigerator! Yes… You must! In fact, we might rather qualify this object as a refrigerator than as a refrigerator. Even in the instructions, when describing its use, there is more mention of an electric cooler. But why ? Simply because it declares that it cannot be used all the time. It needs to be used from time to time because the resistance is not designed to run continuously like a real refrigerator. Also, this mini fridge doesn’t actually refrigerate its contents, but rather keeps them cool. For optimal use, it is recommended to place the contents already chilled, and then the mini fridge will keep its contents cool during operation. That’s why we’ll talk more about an electric cooler than a refrigerator. We already feel your disappointment about this and we can understand you. However, we can assure you that it keeps the cold well. We tested the fridge completely with fresh and stale jars. Well, after a while, the hot cans cooled down, and we were ready for the apro! We didn’t talk about the price because we can’t decide if this fridge is worth it or not. Indeed, this Xbox Series X Mini Fridge costs around 99 at Micromania. After all, you might think that this is expensive for a cooler, but at the same time, the object is quite collectible, imposing and still useful. We have seen much less useful collectibles at much higher prices. Even video game collectors at pharaonic prices for completely cheap and useless content. That’s why we can’t really determine if this product is worth 99. It’s up to you to decide based on the utility you’re looking for for this item.

In short opinion of Benot/BhZ Maiden

After all, this mini fridge (cooler) is clearly a collectible that will decorate your play corner without any problem, especially thanks to the LEDs. However, remember that this will never replace the use of a real refrigerator. Don’t daydream thinking that you can keep it running all the time. It’s even dangerous because it will make the resistance work too long and it could burn out. The overall look is really cool despite the plastic looking cheap. What is really interesting is the container, which offers a lot of space.


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