Overwatch 2 shows PvP changes in video

During a long livestream, Blizzard’s competitive multiplayer game unveiled its new PvP rules and a new map.

Thursday was held a livestream around Overwatch which, in addition to having rewarded us with long gameplay sequences, also showed us that PvP will be readjusted in this new opus.

Unlike Overwatch first of the name, this second episode will feature 5 vs 5 brawls instead of the usual 6 vs 6. Thus, the balancing of the teams will be done like this: 2 Supports, 2 Dps, and a single Tank. As much to say to you that the strategies will change drastically.

In the process, Blizzard unveiled a new map, New York.

All you have to do is take our trouble patiently before testing the beast. In fact, Overwatch 2 still does not have an official release date. However Blizzard doesn’t plan anything until 2022.


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