Overwatch 2 – The Battle for Power on Olympus

As announced during Season 2, the ephemeral Battle for Olympus mode is making a devastating entry into Overwatch 2, accompanied by its loot and divine powers. The battle began today and rages on until January 19th, and we’re giving you a sneak peek at what this mode will bring with it. First of all, know that this is just a Greek Gods-flavored “Every Man for Himself” mode, a season theme in which the selected seven heroes will get different abilities, which will bring them a little closer than their divine counterparts. Of course, the condition will be to activate your ultimate in order to be able to take advantage of the various abilities improved in this mode, where the wrath of the gods sounds. Here is the full list of heroes and the abilities they can activate.

Ramattra Poseidon

Divine Destruction

  • Ravenous Vortex is a large vortex that sucks in enemies and knocks them up.
  • The hammer throws out large jets of water that deal more damage and travel farther.

Junker Queen Zeus

divine massacre

  • Lasts twenty seconds.
  • Shotgun damage has a chance to deal additional lightning damage.

Reinhard Minotaur

Divine Seismic Strike

  • Duration: twenty seconds.
  • Heals himself when he attacks and knocks an enemy against a wall.
  • The charge can hit up to three targets at the same time.
  • Charge recovery time reduced to 3 seconds.
  • Wall hits deal lethal damage, expand divine power, and reduce the cooldown of your next charge to 0.5 seconds.

Chopper Cyclops

Divine render

  • Lasts fifteen seconds.
  • Significantly increase your size and get 600 hit points.
  • Launches boulders that deal massive damage instead of his Slayer’s normal shot.
  • Melee attacks deal 5x damage and knock enemies back.

Farrah Hades

divine dam

  • Lasts twenty seconds.
  • Can move during the ultimate ability.
  • The rocket launcher fires three-headed rockets.
  • The fuel consumption of reactors has been significantly reduced.
  • Kills heal Pharah and extend the duration of this effect.

deadly jellyfish

Divine Infravision

  • When you are in line of sight, enemies looking at you turn to stone.

Lucio Hermes

wall of divine sound

  • Lasts twenty seconds.
  • Allows you to jump again after wall jumping.
  • Boop can still knock enemies into walls, dealing additional damage and briefly stunning them.
  • Significantly increased attack and movement speed.
    Endless ammo.

In addition to all of these changes, keep in mind that the hero with the most kills at the end of the event will be immortalized as a statue on the Ruins of Illios arena map (Go Chopper Go!). And if celebrating your favorite hero’s victory doesn’t excite you more than that, know that the Battle for Olympus in Overwatch 2 offers new challenges to complete to win voice lines, dog tags, weapon charms, or once again the legendary Ange Winged Victory skin. .

The store will also be updated with new sets and cosmetics throughout the event. In Overwatch 2, the Battle for Olympus runs until January 19, 2023. Fight, heroes! The fate of Olympus is in your hands (and give this statue to Chopper).

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