OVHcloud fire: An inverter would be at the origin of the disaster according to Octave Klaba

Dark circles are very present on the face of OVHcloud boss, Octave Klaba, when he speaks to the clients of his company in front of the camera for more than eight minutes. Communicating for a few hours by dint of tweets, he felt that it was finally taking too long and decided to post a video to give his version of events. Here’s what to remember.

“It’s still very vague. At 12:47 am, we had alerts. The technicians on site intervened in a few tens of seconds on the various rooms, they saw a lot of smoke immediately. They made the decision after two minutes to get out of the data center because it was dangerous to stay inside. “

“This speed of the fire questions us”

“This speed of the fire questions us, on how it started and why it started”, he says. But he is already pointing out a path to follow in an attempt to understand the cause of the disaster that hit the Strasbourg data center last night.

“When the firefighters intervened, with thermal cameras, they saw two pieces of equipment, inverters, on fire. On one of the two inverters, we had interventions in the morning. A technician who had to do maintenance changed parts inside. The equipment was then put back on the road in the afternoon. “

“We will extract and analyze the videos from the surveillance cameras in the data center (300 cameras) to try to understand what happened chronologically,” he continues.

At this stage, it is indeed the study of responsibilities that is engaged. A race against time for the various stakeholders, starting with the insurers, to establish who will have to pay for the repair of this loss.

SGB2 was not young

Especially since SGB2 was not young. “SGB2 was built in 2011. It is a self-ventilated tower, which operates by the pressure difference between the top and the bottom of the tower,” explains Octave Klaba. “SGB3 was built in 2016 with a different design. He suffered no damage from the fire. »Could the spread of the fire be linked to the structure of the building? The investigation will tell.

In terms of current and future projects, “8 rooms of SGB1, all of SGB3 and SGB4 are intact”, assures Octave Klaba. “Michel (Paulin) and all the teams are working hard to get these three data centers back on track. “

“In 48 hours, we will be able to communicate the situation of each customer to you”

“It is a question of rather complicated works, to put back the high tension, the low tension on the sites, the long distance network, and to check the whole of the watercooling. But we think that in the course of next week we will be able to gradually restart the activity, and make the data available to our customers. “

“At the same time, we take an inventory of all the customers that we have on the sites, the services they have and depending on where the primary data and backups are located. “Enough to allow customers to set up a data recovery strategy, some of whom have been in serious difficulty since yesterday.

“In 48 hours, we will be able to communicate the situation of each customer to you,” assures the founder of OVHcloud.

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