Paddy Srinivasan replaces Mike Kohlsdorf as CEO of GoTo – ChannelNews

Former staple and technology A GoTo employee becomes CEO and president of an American unified communications company focused on small and medium businesses. He replaced Mike Kohlsdorf, the board member who replaced Bill Wagner after he left last January.

“Paddy and I have worked closely together for several years and I think he is in a unique position to support Go to at this key moment of accelerated growth and product innovation,” the former CEO of GoTo said in a statement.

Paddy Srinivasan with 25 years of experience has joined the company, then known as LogMeIn, in 2013 as Head of Product Strategy, Strategic Partnerships and Customer Satisfaction. He then worked as General Manager of Data, Machine Learning Platform Services at Amazon Alexa AI before returning to Go to in 2020. Previously, he founded a cloud monitoring and management startup, which was acquired by Promote.

“SMEs are once again entering a defining moment regarding the health of their business and, in GoTo, we have a unique opportunity to help them stay on top of what still matters most: their people and their clients”, reveals Paddy Srinivasan in a press release.

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