Panelys chooses The Blockchain Group to secure and track their money exchanges

Panelys, a popular digital financial services company in Africa, is addressing mobile-to-mobile money transfer tracking needs on the Push app with Metadev3 offering from The Blockchain Group.

“Push’s blockchain integration is the perfect answer to tracking questions,” explains Xavier Latil, CEO and Founder of The Blockchain Group. “This collaboration with Panelys also allows us to bring our expertise to a socially active company.”

“As part of our growth in Africa to digitize monetary exchanges, Panelys chose The Blockchain Group and the Metadev3 teams for their in-depth expertise in blockchain technology, especially traceability.” emphasizes Selma OUIGINY, President and CEO of Panelys. “We intend to be a key player in financial inclusion and make Push by Panelys a viable solution for more than one million households.”

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