Paris 2024 is ready to replace Tokyo

At 138e At the IOC session in Tokyo, the 2024 Paris Conference delegation led by President Tony Estange presented the progress of the project, which is materializing and gaining momentum despite the Covid crisis.

Appreciating the resilience and extraordinary adaptability of the Tokyo 2020 Games Organizing Committee (TOCOG) in the face of a completely unprecedented health crisis, Tony Estangue, President of Paris 2024, presented a point of view. Project Phase Paris 2024: on the occasion of 138e The IOC session held yesterday and today in Tokyo ahead of the Games.

During the presentation to the IOC members, the French delegation * demonstrated that Paris 2024 is ready to replace Tokyo. Despite the Covid crisis, Paris 2024 has indeed succeeded in solidifying its foundations across core dimensions of the organization and is part of the dynamic in terms of commitment and legacy that the Tokyo Games should help strengthen.

“We can rely on an extremely solid foundation, congratulates myself Tony Estangue, President of Paris 2024.We are within the delivery time we have set for ourselves. The Covid crisis has forced us to challenge ourselves, adapt and reinvent ourselves. Today our project is stronger than it was a year and a half ago. Our sitemap is made even more efficient by better aggregation of competing sites while maintaining all of the iconic sites. The facilities are ready to launch as originally planned. We have secured a partnership worth over 600 million euros and keep the balance in our budget. We now look forward to the start of the Tokyo Games, so that athletes and sports will take their rightful place in such difficult times through which we all go together. “

Strengthened key sectors of the organization of the Games.

  • Partners were seduced by the Paris 2024 project

Paris 2024 has just announced three new partners ahead of the Games – Sanofi, PwC and Décathlon – bringing the number of partners domestically to 11. With more than € 600 million already secured, Paris is achieving its goals and plans to allocate 2/3 of your affiliate budget.

  • Construction sites on the way despite Covid

Despite the Covid crisis, jobs in Villages (athletes and media) and aqua centers coordinated by SOLIDEO (Olympic Delivery Company) will start work as planned during the summer following preparatory work carried out on the originally scheduled schedule. As for the Arena Champ de Mars (now called the Grand Palais Ephémère), built in record time at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, it was commissioned last June and has already been recognized as an architectural feat.

  • The main stages of the project have been completed

Key sectors in the organization of the Games, such as accommodation (almost 50,000 rooms reserved with an already agreed rate), security (signing a memorandum with the French state, which precisely defines the perimeter and responsibilities of each of them) or even food (to choose from). a service provider that will serve over two million meals at the Athletic Village) have been the subject of major agreements in recent months that are helping to keep the project at the heart of it.

  • Close cooperation with international federations

International federations, key partners in the conduct of sporting events, are already actively involved in the preparation of their sporting events for the Paris 2024 Games (training grounds, competition calendar, etc.). They also worked closely with the IOC to develop a sports program for the 2024 Paris Games (100% equal for the first time in the history of the Games), which, like the sitemap, was approved in December 2020 by the IOC Executive Committee. Board.

  • The carbon footprint has halved

Since its application, Paris 2024 has given itself the means to predict the project’s climate and environmental impacts and to identify all solutions to reduce the impact of the Games at source and throughout the organizational cycle, in particular through small construction. with 95% of existing or temporary equipment. Overall, the Games’ carbon footprint will be cut in half compared to previous releases. With this approach, Paris 2024 wants to help propose new standards for organizing major events. Paris 2024 also raised its environmental ambitions earlier in the year by announcing that it will offset its carbon emissions by supporting an additional offset program in France.

The legacy is already in motion

In addition to its foundation for the success of the Games, Paris 2024 continues to move forward with its commitments and legacy programs, which have been elevated to a priority since its nomination.

The Tokyo Games, with the emotion they generate and the performances of French athletes, should further reinforce the French commitment to Paris 2024 across the country. For example, through the label “Terre de Jeux 2024”, which has already conquered 2,048 communities across France, representing 26 million French people. Or even Club Paris 2024, whose 142,000 members dream of winning a race number in the first public events in the history of the Games (marathon, road cycling) and experiencing exceptional moments with the greatest champions.

The Game Live, which will take place at the Trocadero in Paris, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower and in about twenty host communities throughout the area, from 23 July to 8 August and then 2 to 5 September, will provide a unique experience from the Games. Handover ceremony between Tokyo and Paris, in capital letters, 8 August and 5 September.

As Tony Estange reminded us, Paris 2024 is a legacy that is already on the move. After introducing, with substantial support from the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports, 30 minutes of daily physical activity in primary schools in the program for the next academic year, Paris 2024 is participating this summer in the Know How to Swim in Seine-Saint-Denis program. by installing training pools in the center of the neighborhoods to enable 2,000 children between the ages of 4 and 12 to learn how to swim.

More than ever, Paris 2024 aims to make sport a real machine for solving the major challenges facing our society: education, health, living together, changing attitudes towards disability, etc.

“We are in Tokyo to learn from our Japanese friends and colleagues, – continues Tony Estange. The surveillance programs created here in Tokyo will allow us to enrich our knowledge, save valuable time in situations already experienced by TOCOG, in all aspects of the organization that have not been changed by sanitary conditions. Once again, we thank them and the IOC for allowing us to learn from them. And of course, we are also in Tokyo to take over. In a few days, we will be the next host city for the Summer Olympics. This is a huge responsibility and a great source of pride. “

* Along with Tony Estange, its President, the Paris 2024 delegation includes Etienne Tobouix (Managing Director), Anne Descamps (Director of Communications) and Aurelie Merle (Director of Sports).

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