Paris Dauphine I Tunis University: Launch of 3 IA certificates

During the last 5 years, the world has created as much data as since the beginning of humanity. Faced with the volume of this data and the strategic nature of its processing, the Big Data and artificial intelligence professions are seeing the supply of positions explode, making the formation of expert profiles essential.

A pioneer in training in Artificial Intelligence and Data architecture with its two masters in Big Data-IA and Information Systems-Digital Networks, the French University of Paris Dauphine I Tunis is therefore pursuing its strategy of developing programs at the forefront of innovation. by offering three certifying training courses in Data and AI starting next May: Data Streaming, Data Processing and Data Architect.

“Dauphine I Tunis integrated digital as a teaching medium even before the health crisis; the launch of these 3 programs represents a new step in our desire to position the university as a major player in online education accessible to as many people as possible, without geographical limits. With our programs, we are now setting out to conquer new markets, in Africa, Europe and the United States ”, explains Amina Bouzguenda Zeghal, Director General of the Tunisian campus of the French University.

These programs in Big Data and artificial intelligence, delivered in English and online in partnership with Campusna, which provides the Tekouin platform, aim to offer a rise in skills to professionals in the data processing sector, in order to respond to high demands. of the sector, in Tunisia and internationally. Dauphine I Tunis already trains graduates every year whose job search does not exceed one month with a median starting salary of 45 K €.

The three new certificates will enable profiles already in place to promote an increase in skills in a constantly evolving world. The target groups are IS architects, Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Data or BI engineers, system or database administrators, or even IS consultants.

“The multiplication of expert profiles in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence is a strategic issue for the economy and the job market, faced with exponential and international demand; the training of these experts and their upgrading of skills are a specialty of Dauphine University recognized for its academic excellence in the field ” assures Kaouther Boussema Doctor in IA, in charge of studies of the Master Big Data and Certificates in IA at Dauphine I Tunis.

The certification of these three programs designed by the Dauphine teams in Paris and Tunis will allow candidates to attest to their skills, in accordance with the training program.

In addition, to complete its offer, Dauphine I Tunis, still in partnership with Tekouin, offers a set of ten upgrading modules in mathematics and computer science in order to allow any candidate to upgrade their skills with a view to retraining in Big Data jobs.

With this new offer in English, available exclusively online, Dauphine I Tunis intends to expand its audience by recruiting students and professionals internationally. A new step for the Tunisian campus of the French University, ranked among the top 25 universities in the world according to the World University Rankings.

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