Paris-New York flight in just 30 minutes for 2027, it’s possible according to Space X

Science fiction or reality? The latest statements by the American company Space X about the Paris-New York route make you think. Invited to the RTL microphone on Monday, Sept. 12, Gwynn Shotwell, President of Space X, confirmed that long-range flights aboard their Starship rocket could be possible by 2027. When a journalist asks her if Paris will be in five years – New York will be possible in less than an hour – the president of the company founded by Elon Musk replies, without flinching, and in the affirmative. If it’s not an immediate priority for Space X, these projects remain issues the company wants to address. “This is definitely an opportunity for our Starship rocket. At the moment, we are concentrating on the Moon, on Mars, and also on flights from one point of the Earth to another,” added Gwynn Shotwell. So, among the trips mentioned, it could be that the trip from Los Angeles to Shanghai takes 36 minutes, the trip from Cindy to Zurich takes only 50 minutes, and the trip from Paris to New York takes about thirty minutes. And all this at a speed of over 27,000 km/h.

However, according to the leader, it would be impossible, for example, to launch their Starship rocket from Charles de Gaulle Airport to take it to John Fitzgerald Kennedy Airport. The company wants to launch its first flights from platforms at sea, but this should not last long. “Once this technology is mature, we will be able to foresee shooting and landing sites on land with confidence,” explains Gwynn Shotwell.

The cost of such a trip is still a mystery, but SpaceX has confirmed that for the few hundred passengers envisioned for the flight, they will do “everything to make these flights as smooth as possible.” In the meantime, fasten your seat belts, it can still shake!


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