Paris Summit: Felix Tshisekedi advocates for COVID vaccine production in Africa

African countries, European countries and other continents, as well as international organizations attending the African Economies Summit in Paris on Tuesday 19 May, are asking for the patenting of COVID vaccines to be lifted to allow vaccine production. in Africa, Emmanuel Macron announced himself. His Congolese counterpart Felix Tshisekedi even justified resistance to COVID vaccination in Africa, especially in the DRC, by the fact that the vaccine is being produced elsewhere.

Felix Tshisekedi highlighted the importance of vaccine production in Africa to counter vaccination campaigns:

“If the product comes from Africa, it will have a positive impact against the disruption of social networks that demonize vaccination, posing as an international conspiracy to exterminate Africans. “

“We have to conduct counter-awareness,” on pain of the “risk of a new option” from Africa, more resilient, that will threaten the planet, he stressed.

Vaccinate 40% of Africans

“We support technology transfer and work that has been requested from WHO, the WTO and the Medicines Patent Pool (supported by the UN, editor’s note) to remove all intellectual property restrictions that block the production of any type of vaccine. “, – said the President of France at the end of the conference.

According to him, the participants decided on “a very strong initiative to mass produce vaccines in Africa and therefore develop, through funding and industrial partnerships, the capacity to produce vaccines such as adenovirus, recombinant proteins and messenger RNA in Africa” ​​in the coming weeks. “

Pending the establishment of production sites in Africa, the summit decided to “push the ambitions of Covax (an organization to distribute vaccines to poor countries) from 20% to 40% of people vaccinated in Africa” ​​by transferring doses. It will also “give the International Monetary Fund a mandate to consider how to mobilize more funds, a total package of about 50 billion that needs to be mobilized to be successful,” explained Mr. Macron.

The goal is to “use some of the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights and target this mechanism to (distribute) excess doses in rich countries as early as July (…) to reach 40% of Africans. vaccinated at the end of 2021 ”.

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