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Party Blockchain»& rsquo; An all-new state-of-the-art unified smart contract technology enables multi-party zero-knowledge computing at Polygon, allowing programmers to develop entirely new blockchain-based use cases.

Partisia Blockchain Fund, an independent charity supporting the growth of the globe’& rsquo; this is maximum zero knowledge blockchain, revealed interesting information for Polygon programmers lately. By including your Mainnet v3.0 directly in Polygon, Ethereum’s scaling method currently supports Partisia Blockchain’& rsquo; A privacy-preserving computing framework that creates a completely new type of modern blockchain technology called a unified smart contract.

Smart agreements are programs stored on the blockchain that run when problems are solved and also form the basis of modern blockchain technology. Wise agreements these days are either public or private. While there are reasonable public agreements for everyone, this results in the disclosure of a lot of personal information, which creates a problem for use cases that must keep very sensitive details. Meanwhile, wise personal agreements protect against external interference or harmful tasks, but they cannot be easily learned or confirmed by third parties.

Party Blockchain»& rsquo; State-of-the-art unified smart contract technology combines zero-knowledge proofs with multi-party computing, allowing Polygon programmers to develop use cases that require confidentiality of information as well as personal privacy when using a public blockchain. “““Partisia Blockchain Combination”; The associated smart conventions based on zero-knowledge and multi-party computing open up many new and exciting possibilities for all Polygon programmers,” & rdquo; said Anthony Martin, head of Polygon Enterprise.

Brian Gallagher, co-founder of Partisia Blockchain, assured that “this state of the art technology will radically change the way we provide services and people will connect to each other.” “Of course, to contribute to the market” & rsquo; In the future, when programmers will be able to develop many use cases based on Polygon, the possibilities are as follows:

  • Decentralized Web Search Engine –– Today, advertising versions of Internet search engines expose customers to fraud, as well as the threat of clickbait, disinformation, fraud, and various other malicious software. Optionally, “& ldquo;The best search on the webThe initiative has integrated the Partisia Blockchain unified smart contract to provide a new ad-free experience and serve search results without collecting users’ personal data. Encrypted data is never decrypted and all product information provided has been calculated by MPC to be as relevant as possible to the user experience without decrypting personal data.
  • Monetized data in decentralized social networks – In the short term, the best zero-knowledge MPC data protection leverages the most valuable but sensitive user data in a secure, regulatory-compliant manner. In the long term, this could change the power structures that operate in today’s Internet economy and enable more competition in applications and services. A good example is “data for goodA platform designed to allow anyone to provide data without revealing personal information, using MPC and blockchain to find the right balance between privacy and transparency.
  • Managing personal documents and content – The ability to keep certain aspects of a contract private while allowing public scrutiny is critical in cases such as medical and health data, financial identity or credit ratings, etc.
  • Trade finance industry and decentralized exchanges – The first large-scale commercial use of MPC was a decentralized exchange conducted in 2008 by the Partisia Blockchain team, followed by a series of MPC-based auctions in energy, finance and commodities, telecommunications. The original goal of Partisia is to unify different blockchains and allow users to seamlessly move data and tokens between blockchains and security paradigms. The goal is to expand participation in existing DeFi solutions and lower barriers to DeFi adoption in traditional markets.
  • Private auctions – With increasingly complex supply chains and niche products, pricing and auctions are becoming an integral part of many markets. In a single smart contract, buyers and sellers and the resulting transactions can be tracked while offerings remain private. In addition, the privacy aspect provided by zero-knowledge MPC can also help eliminate the possibility accomplice auctionsthe practice of artificially raising the price of goods through dishonest offers.

The integration comes just days after the Partisia Blockchain Foundation announced the appointment of Hinrich Pfeiffer as COO. Previously appointed Secretary General of the Cardano Foundation, Pfeiffer’s extensive experience will play a role in Partisia’s development. heading the Fund’& rsquo; s rapid growth in “providing the assurance that multilateral computing offers to various sectors.”

Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only. It is not provided and is not intended to be used as a legal, tax liability, financial, economic investment, or various other offerings.

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