Partnership: Big EuroMillions Jackpot!

PublishedSeptember 9, 2022, 07:27 AM

partnershipHuge EuroMillions Jackpot!

If the bet of 126 million francs was won on September 2, then tonight, thanks to the super jackpot, 130 million francs can be won again.

30 million to win tonight: just mark the correct numbers!

Victor Fingal

Remember! On Friday, September 2, the lucky winner received exactly 125,919,333 francs and 50 cents by guessing five correct numbers and two stars on a EuroMillions receipt. However, today’s kitty again offers a dizzying amount, 130 million francs, a week later!

This little miracle is due to the super jackpot, which is drawn several times a year by Loterie Romande and nine other EuroMillions partner lotteries. “Big jackpots attract players,” says Josie Kampisch of Kiosque-Mercerie in Cheseau-sur-Lausanne. My clients want to try their luck and hope to win the jackpot tonight!” Same story at the Kiosque du Théâtre in Lausanne, where Alain Zvalin, the manager, adds: “Thanks to the Super Jackpot, new customers are discovering EuroMillions and playing it for the first time.”

For players who have a sense of sharing, remember that you have the option to mark a “group bulletin” that allows you to play with colleagues, friends, or relatives. User friendly, this newsletter can bring together up to 10 people. The principle is simple. Each participant has the same chances on all grids played and receives his own receipt. Thus, costs and profits are distributed equally among all members of the group.

Swiss Win, second chance to win big

Also keep in mind that with every EuroMillions draw, players from French-speaking Switzerland are automatically entered into Swiss Win, an additional game included in the price of the grid, which allows them to receive significant winnings. Thus, at the end of the EuroMillions draw, the second draw of five new numbers out of 50 wins between 25 and 150,000 francs.

And don’t forget that only those who don’t play have the absolute certainty that they will never hit the jackpot. For the rest, nothing will stop you from completing the winning bracket. Like last year, on February 26, when a player won 230 million, this is the biggest jackpot ever won in Switzerland since the inception of EuroMillions in 2004. Luck smiles not only on others!

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