Passive Income, Unique Blockchain Token That Reinvents DeFi Profit Generation

DeFi has brought several new features to the crypto world. From mining cryptocurrency to growing crops, everything has been optimized through the integration of blockchain technology and DeFi applications. We see that more and more platforms are using this tool to develop unique services and products that facilitate decentralization and the introduction of financial services into the cryptocurrency world.

Passive income is one of those innovative blockchain tokens that has brought an exciting concept to the market. The company uses tokenization to drive profitability to decentralized financial passive income. PSI is committed to improving existing passive income concepts and making them more accessible and adaptable for everyone.

The company does this by relying on principles such as ownership, tokenized assets, and profit making. The holding is the mainstay of PSI in creating a convenient way for PSI token holders to receive rewards for each transaction fee. The second pillar, tokenized assets, helps users generate passive income. PSI also offers the opportunity to generate passive income through the use of financial services to achieve self-sufficiency.

Based on these principles, PSI has developed a robust set of features to help you achieve your goal.


PSIDEX is Passive Incomes’ proprietary decentralized exchange where they submitted the company’s Income Token (INC) token. This revenue token will serve various business purposes such as:

Management utility

INC will have a means of governance through which the company will direct its future projects and investors. Users can use the management of the platform itself, a specific feature or commission rates.

Management proposals can be submitted by the project team and investors, giving them full control over their assets. This feature will make PSI contracts more flexible and will foster community and investor engagement by giving them the ability to influence platform policy.

These proposals can range from farmer income, commercial fees on PSIDEX and percentage burning (by translations). However, managing a business ecosystem is a multi-step process that involves creating a proposal, a voting threshold, and determining the threshold that makes a vote valid.


In addition to the management utility, the PSI token will be used to provide liquidity on PSIDEX and enable INC (income token) growth. Since each platform needs liquidity to become self-sufficient, PSI will initially rely on a backup router. Once resilient has been achieved, PSI will use the INC token to collect LP tokens for the PSIDEX corporate router.


NAAS stands for NFT as a Service. This is a unique passive income concept in which the company will offer an NFT trading platform for any voluntary cryptocurrency. NFT stands for non-fungible token that values ​​real-world assets such as art, token real estate, images, etc.

PSI provides an easy way to create an NFT Marketplace by providing users with a template to customize their Marketplace. Contributing to this idea, PSI partnered with Omari Estate, a pioneer in real estate, and helped them create the NFT market. PSI offers a solution to every problem and helps to bring project ideas to life.

For NAAS, the real estate sector is the first step as the company plans to continue to work with several industries such as toy trade, marine trade, renewable energy, etc.


The Passive Income Launchpad is a robust platform where users can get a detailed understanding of how the platform works. PSIPAD is used to list whether a project has passed an audit or KYC, as well as its Credibility Score and other variables that affect the reliability of the project.

With PSIPAD, the company wants to ensure the trustworthiness of projects and avoid any fraudulent or dangerous projects. He is currently working for BSC, but PSI will soon be launching it on ERC20.

Passive Income is a public company with a trusted token that can help blockchain projects in many ways. The company strives to be ahead of everyone else by sharing profits with PSI token holders.

The PSI team is a mix of experts from different industries, giving them the edge and the tools to succeed in this competitive market.


Although cryptocurrencies have gained acceptance around the world, they are still absent in some areas. Platforms like Passive Incomes are using blockchain and DeFi technology to drive this revolution and make the passive income generated by cryptocurrency more affordable and profitable.

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