Path of Exile Guardian League Ends, Update 3.19 Coming Gamepur

The League of Guardians in Path of Exile was a great game, and the expansion will end on August 16, 2022. With the end of Guardians, GGG will introduce a new League known as Calandra Lake. PC and Mac players will be able to farm Exalted Orbs with Update 3.19 starting August 19, 2022. As for PlayStation and Xbox players, they will have access to the new league on August 24th. With all these details, fans are now wondering what Lake Kalandra has in store for them.

PoE Sentinel League comes to an end

The Sentinel arrived in Wraeclast on May 13, 2022. The Last League is one of the most popular additions to the game compared to previous years. In patch 3.18, Guardian summons were introduced to the game, allowing players to earn more money from PoE.

Many were frustrated by the balance issues between different classes. Despite this concern, the Sentinel was still a hit with players as they could get more items and money.

Lake Kalandra in Path of Exile 3.19

GGG has been silent for weeks regarding the upcoming expansion. Previously, only the release date was known along with some vague information. Lake of Kalandra was originally scheduled to release on August 12, 2022, but the developers used their one-week hiatus to push back the launch to August 19, 2022, with the 24th being the release date for PS and Xbox players only.

Several fixes have been made to make the game more fair between characters from previous expansions. However, the developers have given up on character balancing for the Sentinel, with some even joking about the potential fiasco. Players were happy to hear that Kalandra Lake would solve the game balance issues that have always been a problem for most of the community.

Also, the official title of the upcoming expansion states that 3.19 will have a water theme. The released trailer also showed the port against the backdrop of the calm waters of the lake. The official website also has an image that shows a boat and thus confirms the topic in question.

Lake Kalandra will also feature endgame items from Hardcore Solo-Self-Found Sentinel League winners. In the latest addition, the developers have challenged the players in hardcore mode. The first group of Exiles to defeat the final boss of the League will be able to craft a unique endgame item. This mode will probably appear with patch 3.19.

Apart from this information, the community has no other details. Players will have to wait for more information by reading future announcements. In the meantime, players should enjoy the current league while there is still time.

General League schedule

When Sentinel was released in May 2022, we already knew that the expansion would end around August 2022. Typically, Leagues in Path of Exile lasted three months before giving way to the next. This schedule was then confirmed by the announcement of the end date for Sentinel.

For Lake Kalandra, it can be assumed that this expansion will also last 3 months. As such, patch 3.19 will last until November, after which a new league will follow.

Patch 3.18.1d

As Sentinel comes to an end, new updates are still being rolled out to make the most of its last moments. In addition to some minor adjustments, several bug fixes have been implemented. Here’s what we remember from the latest patch:

  • Divine Vessels can now change Maps when a point is assigned to the Stream Atlas Keystone.
  • Soul Conduit monster modifiers can now pick up 30 nearby monsters to force them to fight again.

Players should take advantage of the last bits of Sentinel and earn more PoE currency before it ends on August 16th. Until then, players will have to wait for more details about Kalandra Lake. We hope that GGG will make sure to make new announcements in the coming weeks.

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