Pathé Games: A new concept dedicated to video games and arcade games.

The first Pathé Games opened their doors on May 25th at Pathé Carré Sénart, located in the shopping center of the same name in Liesen in the Seine-et-Marne.
This playful, multi-generational playground reinforces the role of the Pathé Cinema and Mall as a leisure hub.

Designed by the Pathé team in collaboration with Altavia Pallas, Fay Architectes and Jan Loday, Pathé Games is designed for the whole family.
With this concept, Pathé Games offers in the same space successful vintage games, latest generation arcade terminals as well as games for children accompanied by successful licenses: Mario, Halo, Minecraft, The Walking Dead…
13 games are offered on an area of ​​120 m2, divided into 3 zones “Family”, “Gamer” and “Vintage”.
The game offer will be updated regularly to satisfy the players and keep the place attractive.

The Pathé Games offer is intended for the general public, but also for private events for families and companies, with the option of completely privatizing the venue. The Pathé Carré Sénart teams are always at your disposal to organize your individual event in this extraordinary setting!

Pathé Games is the perfect place to spend unforgettable moments with family, friends or colleagues in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Open every day, admission is free, purchase of tokens on the spot, payment by credit card or cash.

The second 180 m2 Pathé Games opened its doors on Saturday, July 9th at the Pathé Plan de Campagne in Marseille, with 6 more due to see the light of day by the end of the year.


Pathé Games currently offers:

Overtake DX”: A totally innovative and addictive 4D racing game. The player can choose between 6 car models, each with specific characteristics and different engines that can be tuned before the race. With a 42-inch LCD screen, lighting effects, motion and vibration control, you will be completely immersed in the game, and the racing experience will be perfect!
Up to 2 players

Speed ​​Driver 5 Arcade Racing Game Machine: A racing game with many very realistic effects thanks to a 43″ 4K screen. The game features more than 20 different tracks and many characters.
Multiplayer mode available.
Up to 2 players

Super Bikes 3: The famous motorcycle racing game from Raw Thrills. The player has the option to choose from 8 bikes, 5 tracks and 8 different drivers…
Up to 2 players

Mario Kartarcade GP DX: A great Mario Kart classic with arcade features. Here the player controls a kart with steering wheel, accelerator pedal and brake pedal and feels the sensations of the terrain. Characters, of course, from the world of Mario, but also from Bandai Namco. So there are classic Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Waluigi, Toad, Bowser Jr., Donkey Kong, Wario and Harmony, and on the side of Bandai Namco is the main Pac-Man as well as Don-Chan. There are 12 tracks with different levels of difficulty.
Up to 2 players

Boxer Foot Combo: 2 games in 1! Combination of 2 games of boxing and football. The game has a tournament for six people, five separate game events and a modern soccer ball. The results are displayed on a large LED scoreboard, and the game has fun voice prompts and music.
Up to 6 players

Dinosaur Park: In Jurassic Park Arcade, the objective is to save the dinosaurs from the crazy island by using a powerful tranquilizer (water) gun to subdue the menacing dinosaurs and restore order to the island.
Up to 2 players

Game On: A traditional basketball game in which the player must score as many baskets as possible in record time, score as many points as possible to advance to the next level. 3 difficulty levels are available.
Up to 2 players

Evo: shuffleboard game with sounds and lights!
Up to 2 players

The Munsters: This pinball machine takes you into the humorous world of Universal Studio monsters in a crazy rock ‘n’ roll atmosphere. The player must collect the tools of iconic horror characters and form the Monsters of Rock group, which includes Frankenstein and Dracula.
Up to 4 players

Crazy Monsters: Play to try and win soft toys. The player must catch 20 balls in a basket that moves from left to right to win a plush toy! Even the losers get small gifts!
1 player

The Walking Dead Arcade: TV series and video game lovers will be served! The Walking Dead Arcade is a collaboration between Raw Thrills and Play Mechanix in the rail shooter category that aims to shoot and kill zombies with crossbows and other improvised weapons.
Up to 2 players

Minecraft Dungeons: A multiplayer dungeon crawler and strategy game set in the Minecraft cube universe. This arcade machine was created by Play Mechanix in collaboration with Mojang. The game has 9 levels and each player will have 3 different buttons at their disposal: melee, dodge and “range”. A total of 60 cards are available, allowing players to upgrade their character or equipment. These cards can be saved for future game sessions.
Up to 4 players

Halo Fireteam Raven: A new Raw Thrills game made in collaboration with Play Mechanix and 343 Industries. Halo Fireteam Raven takes part in the events of the original Halo: Combat Evolved storyline, but from the point of view of the ODST soldiers of the Raven Fireteam. In this game, you have to cover the Master Chief with fire and help in completing tasks, as well as defeat enemies such as the Covenant and the Flood, using the entire arsenal of weapons from the Halo universe. On a huge 55-inch 4K widescreen display, players are immersed in the bots of the Fireteam Raven, an elite group of Orbital Strike Troopers on the surface of Alpha Halo, fighting alongside the Master Chief and the rest of the UNSC.
Up to 2 players


1 token: 2 euros (cash only)
3 tokens: 5 euros
7 tokens: 10 euros
16 tokens: 20 euros
40 tokens: 40 €

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