Pay for NordVPN with Bitcoin

How do I pay for my NordVPN subscription with Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is NordVPN’s best payment method. Using bitcoins only provides benefits:

  • The payment process is simple, fast and secure.
  • Bitcoin is almost anonymous, so NordVPN knows nothing about you through your payment method.
  • With smart investment in bitcoin at the right time, your capital gains will pay for your NordVPN subscription.

Take advantage of NordVPN now. Discount up to 65% + 3 months free. If you have some BTC and are looking for a great VPN, then NordVPN is the right choice.

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NordVPN is the best VPN that accepts Bitcoin

NordVPN is currently the best VPN. It is he who offers the most interesting technical characteristics:

  • The number of countries and servers is huge. Over 6000 servers in almost 59 countries.
  • 2 encryption protocols: Nordlynx (Wireguard) and OpenVPN
  • RAM servers
  • Classic servers (IP change + Encryption) and specialized servers (Obfuscated, P2P, Double VPN, TOR)
  • Dynamic and shared IP addresses. Additional dedicated IP addresses.
  • Mesh Network is a new feature that allows users to connect directly to other devices.
  • Secure and neutral DNS.

I use NordVPN daily on different devices (Windows – Fire TV Stick – Nvidia Shield TV – Android BOX). With 6 simultaneous connections, I can install and use NordVPN to:

  • Protect all my file transfers. Files are taken for example from file hosting.
  • Privacy of my internet connection. I’m surfing in peace and my ISP’s IP address is not being logged. No history related to my ISP IP address, my exchanges, my surfing is saved.
  • From time to time I torrent with NordVPN by first connecting to a Dutch server (the Kill Switch feature is integrated into the connection software).
  • I unblock my foreign free VOD platforms like TubiTV, PlutoTV, Freeve, Xumo TV, …. So I watch completely free movies-series using American or Canadian IP.
  • I regularly change Netflix (USA or Canada) directories to watch movies and series that are not on Netflix France.

I subscribe to NordVPN for all its purposes. Using a cryptocurrency payment, I optimize my NordVPN. Not only do I not share my banking information, NordVPN costs me nothing because bitcoin has appreciated in value since my first bitcoin purchase.

Why Pay for a VPN with Bitcoin?

Philosophically speaking, paying for a VPN subscription in bitcoin makes sense. VPN is used for security and privacy. What other means of payment are most respectful of the privacy of their users and ensure 100% security of exchanges and payments. Bitcoin is undoubtedly the most secure means of payment on the Internet, as well as the medium that respects anonymity and privacy the most on the Internet. Bitcoin is an ideal and complementary VPN ally.

To make this payment, nothing is easier. Just go to your VPN provider’s payment page and select “Cryptocurrencies”.

Pay for NordVPN with Bitcoin 2

In this screenshot, you can see that NordVPN is using Coingate. All that’s left is to choose the many cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin – Ethereum – Ripple) accepted by NordVPN. For us, Bitcoin is the best. It is well known that many people try to extol the virtues of other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, but Bitcoin has this seniority bonus that will make it the most used for a long time.

Recently, NordVPN packages have evolved. There are 3 of them:

  • Significant. This is a classic VPN package with servers, NO LOG and encryption.
  • Advanced. Basic + 2 options:
  • Final. You also add 1TB of encrypted cloud storage. I find this last option very interesting. Given the quality of NordVPN’s servers and its encryption skills, you can be sure that your data will be secure.

Pay for NordVPN with Bitcoin 3

In your wallet, simply enter NordVPN’s BTC address and the amount of the plan you choose.

Pay NordVPN with Bitcoin 4
Pay for NordVPN with 5 bitcoins

Thus, paying NordVPN in bitcoin is simple and has only advantages: safe, simple and fast. Having a VPN is essential, paying for it in bitcoin enhances your privacy because there is no bank details (via Paypal or credit card).

Pay for NordVPN with 6 Bitcoins

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