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Towards Easier Cryptocurrency ShoppingPartnership between giants different sectors are common in the business world because everyone wants to leverage each other’s strengths. So, given the current boom in cryptocurrencies, Coinbase is announcing the integration of its debit card with Apple Pay.

Details of the pact between Apple Pay and Coinbase

On June 1, Coinbase announced that its users will now be able to use Coinbase Apple Pay Card… Exchange customers will be able to add the card to Apple Pay of weeks June 7… Thus, the Coinbase Card can be used to top up their balance. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency… In practice, the exchange instantly converts cryptocurrencies in US dollarsbefore transferring funds to the card minus the commission. It can be used for payments and ATM withdrawals.

Bitcoin Bank Card

This integration of Coinbase Card with Apple Pay comes a few days afterApple wanted to hire a business development managerto try out your alternative payments affiliate program.

People using Coinbase card with Apple Pay will be able to earn up to 4% remuneration on your purchases. However, users will have to pay Commission 2.75% for each transaction, except for those in USDC, and a reward of 4% Unfit funds from converting bitcoins to fiat. BTC cashback is growing only 1%

Americans are catching up

Coinbase Card is already available in the UK and Europe from 2020, but US customers still on the waiting list… However, Coinbase said it would invite “Some customers are in line” from the first week of June. On the other hand, people who have already gotten permission for a debit card can use it. directly through Apple Payeven if they are still awaiting his physical reception.

Just like UK and EU customers who can use Coinbase card via Google PayUS customers will also have this option.


Coinbase relies on VISA network to process payments with a debit card, but this is not the only exchange offering this type of card. Indeed, Gemini and BitPay are also making it available to their customers, and they both announced the integration of their card with Apple Play.

Coinbase continues to grow after being listed on the NASDAQ. He is even preparing a cryptocurrency launch under the guidance of a marketing team. The exchange is now calling on the apple to eat some more cryptocurrency.

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