Pearl Jam “travels” to Mars and beyond in the Apollo Theater space show (video, photos)

NEW YORK. Legendary rock band Pearl Jam took their latest album “Gigaton” to an ethereal level with a performance at the historic Apollo Theater in Harlem on Saturday (September 10).

Pearl Jam lead singer Eddie Vedder is no stranger to space, having recently collaborated with NASA on a music video inspired by the Artemis lunar exploration program. But the group went far beyond the moon. In addition to Pearl Jam classics such as “Even Flow”, “Spin the Black Circle”, “Porch” and more, they performed seven songs from Gigaton. (will open in a new tab)”, which includes two numbers inspired by space.

One of the songs, titled “Quick Escape”, is a creative journey to Mars, according to singer Eddie Vedder’s lyrics: “And here we are, the Red Planet / Craters on the horizon.”

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Another ‘Gigaton’ tune they rocked was ‘Retrograde’, which takes me to the skies with the lyric: ‘The stars have aligned, they say when / It’s better than it is now / Feel the retrograde spin us in circles.’ The climax of the song definitely made my heart beat faster.

The show was part of the SiriusXM Small Stage Series, which featured artists such as Alicia Keys, Avril Lavigne, Brandi Carlyle, Coldplay and Dave Matthews.

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For those who couldn’t attend the show in person, SiriusXM provided a plethora of stunning photos from the star-studded event, as well as a short video of Pearl Jam performing their classic “Better Man” shown above. Many celebrities and sports legends have been spotted on the show, including Heidi Klum, John McEnroe, Bode Miller, Megyn Kelly, Robin Quivers and more.

Several fans, as well as the band, shared highlights on Twitter and Youtube, including a tweet from NASA astrophysicist Amber Strawn. (will open in a new tab)who was also present.

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The Gigaton is not the only evidence that Eddie Vedder jumped head first into the water of space enthusiasts. In addition to a recent collaboration with NASA, he called the International Space Station for an Earth Day chat.

A string of US tours (will open in a new tab) in support of Gigaton continues until the end of September.

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