Pégases 2023: the French video game ceremony returns

The Academy of Video Game Arts and Technology announces the return of the Pégases awards ceremony, which rewards French games.

The French video game industry is at its peak. There are many blue-white-red studios developing nuggets for video games, both independent and big budget. Like every year, it is during the Pegasus ceremony that these studios and video games are honored. In 2023, the event returns for the fourth time at the Théâtre de la Cigalle in Paris.

As always, the evening will be presented by Salome Lagrel and will feature several influential personalities in the world of video games, culture and new technologies. 17 different categories will be awarded, but 19 Pegasi will be distributed. Everything will take place on Thursday, March 9 from 20:00 full-time and live broadcasts.

What are the named games?

At the moment, running games have not yet been revealed. Submission requests are closed and the jury is currently moving into the first round of internal decisions to determine the three games that will be featured in each category. The results of the nominees should be with us in the coming days. Then, in February, the same jury of 2,000 experts will decide who will be the grand winner.

For our part, we can only have an estimate of the games that will be present. In 2022, the French industry has released nuggets such as A Plague Tale Requiem, Have A Nice Death, SIFU, Steelrising or Stray. The studios behind these games come from all over France, from cities like Montpellier, Bordeaux and even Paris.

Growing audience

Last year, the Pegasus ceremony attracted more than 165,000 spectators, in addition to several hundred who gathered at the venue. The stakeholders include many industry workers as well as players from all walks of life. The most awarded games were Road 96 and Deathloop, the developers of which we interviewed exclusively.

With the advent of live music and the rise in popularity of the ceremony, it’s likely that the Academy of Video Game Arts and Technology will blow up the shelves in 2023. If you want to participate, tickets will go on sale from January 30 next year. Places are very limited, so we advise you to set a reminder to get as many as you want. As a reminder, the 2022 edition was sold out.

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